Creating Prosperity in 2014: Shifting Your Mindset to Create Abundance

Most of us make the journey to abundance way more complicated than it needs to be.  Success in any area of life is about focus, commitment and having an unwavering passion to keep going no matter what the perceived obstacle or challenge.  I italicized the word perceived because it is our perception that distorts reality.  The biggest roadblock most of us have to overcoming situations in life is…ourselves.  The thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough or talented enough and the perpetual self doubt that flood our minds don’t allow us to leave the ground, much less take flight.

In truth, very little of our critical chatter is true. Of course it’s impossible to begin working on the actual steps to abundance when we have the continual audio playing that says we can’t succeed so why bother trying.

In 2014, I encourage you to do things differently! See your limiting beliefs for what they are and choose expansive thoughts that resonate with Prosperity. 

Join me at Decatur Healing Arts on Saturday January 4th from 1:30 to 3 pm

Creating Prosperity in 2014 Workshop


We will take a look at the different components you can begin using immediately to shift your current situation and move forward with your goals in 2014.

1. Mindset:  Our beliefs and thoughts govern how we look at the world and what we accept for ourselves as we move towards realizing our dreams.  Shifting old beliefs and constructing new paradigms allows growth and expansion into our lives as we realize what is possible for us and align with prosperity instead of lack.

2. Money:  Money is an energy exchanged when we are in service to others while sharing our gifts.  It is not something to fear or avoid but rather to embrace as a spiritual tool that acknowledges when we are in alignment with our purpose, our true nature.

 3. Metaphysics:  Our world is governed by Universal Laws and energetic dynamics that are beyond what we can see physically.  Understanding how ‘the power beyond’ can manifest from thoughts, intentions and emotions allows us to powerfully shift what is showing up in our experience as well as to deepen our knowledge of the energy we work with to create our lives and businesses.

The workshop will be held at:

Decatur Healing Arts – Decatur, GA

RSVP at 404-378-6288

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