“Rebecca Kirson is an exceptional intuitive, guide and facilitator. I have had an Akashic record reading and clearing as well as a Manifesting Blue Print done by Rebecca. She has a keen insight into the records and can speak to you at a soul level to empower you to utilize what she shares. Rebecca goes above and beyond in her care, attention to detail and customization of her work. As a result of working with Rebecca, I have gained clarity, am more willing to take bold action on my own behalf and feel more at home inside myself. I can more easily acknowledge my gifts and talents and utilize them to help clients and myself alike. I have seen growth in my business, and an up leveling in my success, I believe her manifesting blueprint work to be the single best business coaching I have ever received. The services that Rebecca provides work with you long after the appointment itself. She cares; and it comes through in her follow-up and her unique visioning of your highest potential. You have the opportunity to significantly improve your life in whatever ways you desire; if you genuinely seek to do so, with Rebecca you have a partner with your highest good as her sole and soul motivation. I recommend Rebecca to all my clients, friends and family. She is a genuine healer, of divine heart and impeccable integrity.”
“I met Rebecca on a trip to Bimini in August. It’s a perfect example how the Universe brings you what you need. I was at a desperate crossroads in my life where something needed to change. What that was, I had no clue, but I knew it had to be ginormous. Although my trip was fabulous, I came home the same person. I have to say, folding it in at that point, was looking like a really great idea to me. I decided to contact Rebecca for a free counseling, which ended up being amazing. She gave me hope that maybe there was something else to look into and I signed up with her to do an Akashic Record reading for me. I had no expectations or any idea what to expect, only the fear she would find out things I have tried so hard to keep in the closet. Haha. I was so impressed with Rebecca’s knowledge and the information she provided. Finding out the contracts, vows and attachments that I have been dragging around for lifetimes, helped me to make sense of my current life’s situation. I truly feel her reading and clearings, which are a beautiful spiritual event in themselves, literally put my life in another direction. Although she told me changes are at Soul level and not to expect changes overnight, I have noticed immediate and noticeable changes in my emotional state and my personal and professional life. For the first time in my life, I’m okay being me. It feels like I’m looking through new eyes and my ego has quieted down considerably. I am so blessed for the clearing and the time Rebecca took to dig up the chapters in my life that I wanted to remain closed. What a blessing to get the opportunity to rewrite the book making it a much happier ending. Thank you is just not big enough with the gifts Rebecca has shared with me.”
“Rebecca at Your Sacred Truth is an Amazing business and spiritual wisdom coach! During our time together, she brought my chaotic swirl into an organized vision. Her guidance helped myself and my business to blossom. Thanks Rebecca!”
“Spending the day in a VIP business coaching session with Rebecca created so many new insights for me. I gained a new sense of clarity about how I want other people to see me and engage with me in the world as I create my new business. Rebecca’s intuitive insights and depth of knowledge helped me sift through the chaotic thoughts in my head to hone in on the clients I want to work with and the key products and services I want to offer. I highly recommend the VIP session for anyone looking to transform their vision and ideas into a meaningful action plan.”
“I just wanted to say how AMAZING Rebecca is. I met her “randomly” at Horizon at the Brain Demo & I completely know that I was led to her. I am so grateful to my angels & guides! She has gone above & beyond to help, support & encourage me. She validated SO much for me. Words truly cannot express how incredible she is, & how divinely connected & loving she is. With her help, I am making a true, exciting turning point in my life. Again, words cannot express how infinitely grateful I am for having met Rebecca & how amazing she is. I wanted to share that with others if you feel good about that.”
Allison L.
“Having my Soul Profile and Realignment session with Rebecca completely changed the direction of my personal life, my career life and has deepened my relationship with Spirit. Immediately I was drawn to the modality and understood the depth of life changing information that was available to me through the Akashic Records and Rebecca’s great gift of using that information to help others. I have also had the Business Reading, as well as, the Manifesting Blueprint Reading. The information in all 3 readings was and continues to be invaluable! Being an entrepreneur it is imperative that I be in alignment with how I manifest abundance in all areas of my life and incorporate that knowledge daily. Through Rebecca’s encouragement I have become a Soul Realignment Practitioner myself. Knowing that it is imperative to have pristine information, even though I could read for myself in future, I will continue to work with Rebecca to maximize my opportunities for success.”
Tamalla Mallet
Learning You Education, LLC
“I recently received an Akashic relationship reading from Rebecca Saylor Kirson. WOW! I highly recommend this for anyone who would like a soul-level understanding of you with anyone else; coworker, mate or friend! Rebecca was able to read to me reasons why things may or may not be working out with me and my mate on a soul level. I HIGHLY recommend you reach out to Rebecca if you’d like to understand your relationship on a deeper level with anyone! Thank you, Rebecca!”
Jennie Lobato
“Rebecca is the perfect combination of part business guru and part spiritual teacher, sharing her wealth of wisdom on both of them. She is passionate, dedicated and generous. Through my readings with Rebecca, I have a deeper understanding of who I am at soul level, and through my coaching with her, I have the tools to help me better navigate my personal life and business life. Whether it’s a reading, coaching or at a workshop, Rebecca creates a safe space to help someone step into their own sacred truth, which is very important because owning your truth is not an easy thing to do in today’s world.”
Elaine Callahan
True You Brand Alchemy
For Creative Blueprint Analysis
“Right after Rebecca’s Creative Blueprint Analysis I heard myself saying with a great deal of relief: “Wow! I am not who I THINK I am, yet I am everything I KNOW myself to be!” That’s how deeply Rebecca’s blueprint analysis resonates. It captures my inner knowing, the voice of my essence, which my monkey mind tends to drown out — it’s amazing how much I’ve shifted away from my ‘True North’. Knowing how I’m wired to creatively manifest at the Soul level, versus how I’m showing up currently in the physical, gives me a license to do ME!” For Akashic Record Reading
“Rebecca went into my Akashic Record and retrieved exactly what I needed to know and understand about my Soul’s journey at this moment in time. She confirmed so much of my inner knowing that was shrouded in doubt and held in abeyance. Because of her ability to see and share soul frequencies without judgment, I can more easily embrace my Shadows and revel in my Divine nature. The information she conveyed is real, tangible, and concrete – readily evident and applicable to my life’s current context and situations. For example, now that I know my Soul Group, I’m enabled to release frustration and tap into patience when I’m dealing with others who may belong to other groups. And knowing my Soul Ray Color allows me to more fully embrace that vibration and share it with others as another way of connecting soul-to-soul. Moreover, I will no longer discount my spiritual gifts, now that I know how highly valued they are and how hard I worked to attain such mastery. There’s so much more packed into Rebecca’s Akashic Record reading – it’s the most accurate and thorough soul reading I’ve ever had! I plan to get my Life Lesson, Spirit Guides, and Clearing Work readings with Rebecca as well, and I’m giving readings to loved ones for their birthdays!” For Spirit Guide Reading
“Before my Spirit Guide reading with Rebecca, I knew little and understood even less about guides, but I always felt someone or something watching over me. Yet, the notion of having a ‘team’ of seven Spirit Guides was mind-blowing! Now that I’ve met them, the veil-like partition that allowed us to happily coexist and commune without conscious awareness has lifted! Not only did Rebecca tell me who they are, but she also explained why they are with me, and how their own soul’s journey benefits by co-creating with me. Because of my new awareness and understanding, I see ways in which they’ve influenced my life and responded to my heart’s dreaming and soul’s intent throughout the years. And most importantly, I see ways in which I can naturally engage and connect with them consciously in the now! Rebecca has a gift of demystifying higher dimensional knowledge and bringing about such great shifts of consciousness. So naturally and so seamlessly, I’ve become aware of the love, presence, and power of my Spirit Guides and I’m thrilled as my relationships blossom! Thank you Rebecca — you’re such a blessing!”
Scarlet Nickhol
“What striking information I received, Rebecca, when you shared my Life Lessons with me recently. The Akashic Records information that you imparted resonated deeply in my soul, and confirmed and validated life paths that I have been walking for decades. You also delivered these treasures in such a way as to be easy to assimilate. I look forward to experiencing more of what I came to this lifetime to explore. Thank you for this bountiful gift of insights!!”
Bonnie Salamon
“It has been a few weeks since I had my reading with you and it was incredible!! I have always wanted to have an Akashic Record reading. In fact, I have been thinking about it for the last couple of years, but to be honest, I hadn’t felt a connection with anyone until I heard you on your show. I am so grateful that I trusted my guidance. The reading I had with you was so full of information that I have listened to it several times, and each time, something else reaches me in a different way. I am truly, truly grateful to you and all the gifts and insights you have given me and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so much for all you do to assist us in understanding ourselves and helping us in defining our lessons and purpose.”
Debbie Coffin
“My Creative Blueprint reading with Rebecca Lafferty was such a confirming experience. She is so gifted and so passionate about helping people understand themselves and effect change, and that energy fills the space during the entire reading. I discovered the areas where I’m in alignment and areas where I’m not. Where I am aligned feels natural to me, an easy state to be in and evolve from. Those aspects of myself (self-sufficiency, preferring like-minded people, collecting ideas and information and reinventing them) were easy to accept and be with. Where I’m out of alignment (continually trying something new because I don’t get results, or focusing on what I don’t like rather than what I do) made so much sense because I’ve felt the resistance. I’ve tried to be like other people, and it’s so hard. I don’t like it. It’s not me. With Rebecca’s insight I can see what all of that resistance has been trying to tell me—to follow what feels right. To listen to my body, my ideas, my heart. And when I do that, I honor me and my energy. I love that the confirmation I received today acknowledges who I’ve always been. And the more I embrace that person, the better my life will be.”
Nanette Littlestone
Writing Coach, Editor, and Publisher with Words of Passion
“Well how can I start this… Rebecca is a metaphysical rock star!!! It’s interesting what becomes available to you when you are ready to hear it, and I was guided to Rebecca for that information. As a light worker, she understands the sensitivity of helping people face the frailty of stuff gently. As a coach, amazingly supportive and encouraging in the delicate and strong areas of a reading. Friendly, profound, accurate and professional… I really could go on about her… But what I most appreciate about her was her follow-up to see me through some rough patches and her willingness to listen and give insight. This was a very personal thing for me to do, because I needed change. The perspectives given to me helped me to accept me more and be a bit more gentle with myself. I’m a pretty good spark!!! Rebecca led me into a cool confidence of knowing that understanding more of who I am spiritually can help me navigate my way on the physical plane better… And I feel excited to try even if it is only an experiment… However I look at it, it is my journey, and I’m going to do my best to enjoy it or at least look at it differently through a pair of loving eyes. Thanks Rebecca!!!”
K Holmes
“I tend to be a very left-brained individual – and the emphasis should be put on both the words “left-brained” (i.e., analytical) and “individual” (i.e. I do not need group/tribal approval to do something.) I am almost 60 now and still trying to figure out why I am on the planet at this time. Yikes. So, I was intrigued when I first came across Rebecca’s site, but my anal side was screaming “Are you nuts?!?!” My intuitive side was quietly telling me, “Do it!” And it would not stop whispering that advice to me. So I guess you know who won this argument…Rebecca is totally committed to not just finding but also living your life purpose. She has a lot of tools in her tool box and she uses whatever is needed. I was not thrilled when she told me that I was a healer. I had others tell me that they could see this “energy” coming out of my hands. I would smile and think, ‘That’s interesting, but I am a techie/computer guru. I know nothing about healing/energy and I do not wear flowing robes!’ But I had to admit that if I ever came across a book or video on healing, I would be captivated by it. Do not work with Rebecca unless you want real coaching from a person who is devoted to your success. I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride some days, but I am happier than I have been in a long time.”
Don Shuart
“I considered myself to be a warrior, fearless, and braced for what the world was serving up. Deep within me passion for life burned and I could do anything. At times I was a shark navigating the waters of life and if I stopped moving I would sink to the bottom and die. Like any prized fighter I took blow after blow until I stopped rebounding. After enough of life’s blows and disappointments I just settled to the bottom of the ocean, glazed over, and finally stopped caring and believing. I took a job that paid well but hated, locked myself down, put on 60 pounds and finally accepted the opinions of how life should be. I cut away the most precious gifts my parents bestowed upon me like, “believing in myself and that I could do anything my heart desired”. After a long struggle and fighting to overcome the nothing as in the “Never Ending Story” I finally gave in. Honestly death was far better than life in a self-imposed prison, and another day of self-disappointment and failure. The days turned into weeks and weeks to months and months to years and years. A dear friend introduced me to Rebecca Kirson. I asked her for a reading and I realized I needed much more. I needed someone to be present for me in a way I could not do for myself. I was emotionally incapacitated and my soul flapped in the wind tethered to my body. I was lost and lying about it was long past. Most of us never know what it’s like to have someone fully present for us and committed solely to our well-being. Rebecca was that beacon for me. In the months that followed and hours that we met she shared so much. At first it was the understanding that we are here to live our soul’s purpose and to know and understanding of this precious gift of life. Rebecca’s communication in those months was always sharp and crystal clear with never a hint of ambiguity or distraction. She was always focused and gave exactly what my soul needed in that moment. She was also kind and patient as I tried to wrap my mind about the messages she shared. Honestly I have to laugh when I heard the surprise in her voice as she would say things like, “don’t you know how special you are”. I honestly didn’t know anymore. She was EVER present and focused in my understanding of knowing who I am. I knew this at soul level, somewhere way, way back in the foggy recesses of my mind but could never access it. I had given so much of myself away that I needed her to help me call back the pieces, to see the path. Most exceptional is the expansive back ground Rebecca brings with her into her field of work. She is astute and resolute in sharing all that enhances your personal growth. Rebecca is the most grounded, intellectually focused, and gifted individual I have ever met. I have found her to be the most present on all levels. She is a unique individual and her presence is unsurpassed by anything I have experienced. It’s been 2 months since we concluded our coaching and what she shared in those 3 months is a life-time of learning that grows upon itself. I am still scratching the surface of understanding of all she shared and as I awaken more to self I see the strides I have made: I am grateful to her as she embraced sacred space and a spiritual sanctuary while I chipped away at my own self-limiting belief of self . She was transformative in my shift in energy and she continues to be today. My daily pleasures now include: Taking the time to value self, walking the dogs daily now and loving every minute of it. Getting up and going to the gym with pleasure and motivation. I cherishing my family visits more and now understand what I bring to their lives. Taking time outs to sit in the garden and giving me permission to be me, allowing myself time to decompress from daily pressures. I’m excited about what life offers every day and I get to pick what I want. I choose my path and my destiny. I’m awake and am more present each day appreciating this moment and filled with gratitude for all that I have and hold dear. The impact Rebecca has had on me cannot be summarized here on paper. I can say with conviction is she embodies Sacred Truth. She is a precious and rare gift and if you are blessed enough to work with her you will find she resonates this in her sessions, her heart and her soul.”
Diane Ram
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