Transformational Coaching

All of us come into the world with unlimited potential.  Over time, that potential is weighed down by judgment from ourselves and others as we add layer on top of layer of conflicting belief systems from our family, religion, friends and society.  Eventually we lose the connection to our own truth and to who we are. We are taught to think like everyone else, to conform and to please them for fear of standing out.  Without realizing the trap, we succumb to tribal consciousness in our thought and behavior patterns, and once deeply engrained, this contributes to our living from a place of victimhood. During this struggle, we see the world as happening ‘to’ us instead of from the choices we’ve made.  And so we struggle in our relationships, careers, bank accounts, health and most importantly, with ourselves.

Transformational coaching is about stripping away all the non truths so we can see ourselves for the powerful beings that we are and begin living in alignment with our truth in life and business. In coaching sessions, we begin with the foundational belief that you are whole AND only as happy, abundant and prosperous as you allow yourself to be! Then, holding a sacred space, I reflect back to you the powerful creator capabilities I know you have as I lovingly hold you accountable for 100% of the experiences that show up for you as you move from your starting point towards the realization of your desires.

The Rule of Expectations states that people rise to meet your expectations of them both positive and negative.

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”

Together we can shift your paradigm to empowerment so you can create an energetic alignment with love, joy and abundance instead of struggle, fear and lack.

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Connecting with our purpose can feel daunting and elusive.  Yet we know when we do, we will have so much more clarity and direction in our life. This E-book walks you through the process for discovering your purpose so you can feel fully alive, deeply connected and create a life that truly matters.

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