Committing to Mastery

Committing to Mastery

We find ourselves in a world that is busier than ever before. We have unlimited opportunities and potential surrounding us at all times.  “The abundance of everything” sounds amazing but it can actually limit us instead of propelling us forward. WHY?

Because for the majority of our A.D.D. over-stimulated, instant gratification selves, it throws us into overload as we hop from one shiny object to the next.

Seeking temporary relief from our pain, boredom or numbness, we don’t commit to anything long enough to experience a level of excellence let alone Mastery. We want solutions to our list of first world problems and we go about finding them in every new book that comes out, MP3, personal development program, weekend workshop, etc.   We don’t give any of the things we take on enough time to move from theoretical/abstract knowledge  to application through experience  to a deeper level of knowing to perfection through practice  to excellence to Mastery.

We expect to cook a meal worthy of mention in Who’s Who among Top Chef’s after one cooking class.  We expect to play Mozart after one piano lesson.  Somewhere along the way we adopted the idea that we can step into being whatever we want with the least amount of effort involved. And even though we KNOW this is an insane belief, we keep buying into it with the hopes that we can make it be true. We will just will it into existence!

True mastery, thankfully, requires a different set of conditions.  I’m often asked how I can access the Akashic Records.  After my first response of “Magic!”…I do move into the logical, reasonable and practical side of the answer.  I did what anyone must do to really explore getting good at something and I encourage you to follow these steps on your journey to Mastery.

“The happiness of a man is this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”   – Alfred Lord Tennyson


Take the time to really explore as many aspects as you can about what you want to learn.  I had an Akashic Record Reading prior to deciding if I wanted to learn how to access the Records.   A lot of times we have thoughts about what something will be like and the experience is completely different!  In theory something can feel one way but the actual application can be so far off from what we thought.  I’m still amazed that we have students declare their major in college before they’ve had ANY practical experience doing what they plan to spend the rest of their lives on.

Investing in Yourself

To begin your journey on the right foot, find a teacher or mentor who is several steps ahead of you.  It can save you time and money to have someone teach you process, efficiency and discipline for what you want to learn. There is no need to recreate the wheel when you can learn best practices as well as what not to do. This will require an investment of time and resources!  You cannot shortcut this.  Investment in your self will always give you the biggest return.  You are worth it and any dialogue you have to the contrary is effectively saying “I don’t value myself enough to spend x dollars on my growth.”   As a favorite teacher of mine says,  “You have spent millions of dollars in your life on your ignorance. Anything that expands your consciousness is priceless.”  -Julius


The most important step on your journey is also the most difficult.  It requires a commitment to continually show up for yourself no matter if you are tired, irritable, over it and ready to quit.  As they say, if it were easy everybody would be doing it! Commit to going further than you ever have before.  Notice the point where you have quit all the things you’ve ever taken on and commit to doing it differently this time. Develop an internal integrity aligned with doing what you say you are going to do each and every day.

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Practice does indeed make perfect. You cannot begin to expect to get to Mastery if you don’t step into doing your process again and again and again. It is through repetition that we can take the application to deeper levels.  Practice different ways of expressing the insights you have gained so far.  Shift your perspective for looking at your world through the lens of what you have learned.

Expand your Capacity

With each new level we explore, we expand our capacity for honing our craft. I became aware of holes in my understanding when reading the records because it was such an expansion of my consciousness. With this awareness, I sought out additional teachings to compliment my understanding. Studying consciousness itself assisted me in expanding my capacity.  Check in; be honest with yourself and monitor your own progress.  When you feel you need to go deeper with a specific area, seek out additional teachings in that area until you feel a smooth integration with your higher level vision.

Continually Up-level

We never truly ‘arrive’.  There is always more to explore!  That’s what keeps us engaged and excited about our passion.  Understand that if you love what you do, you will feel drawn to continually up-level where you are.  I’m committed to ‘Expanding Awareness for the Journey of the Soul’.  Expansion is always ongoing.  At the beginning of this month, I decided to embark on a year long experience called M.E. School of Flow where I will learn more about Empathic Intuition and Manifesting.  I’m very excited to embark on this experience and know that I will fully commit to the steps I’ve listed here for Mastery.  Love your life – there is so much waiting for you to explore!

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