Working with Messages

Working with Messages

When a person works to expand their awareness and consciousness, they also become more sensitive and cognizant of the messages that come in from all around them. Messages can be delivered through any number of means: other individuals, numbers, emails, songs as well as our pets and the natural world. I find the messages are synchronistic and especially meaningful when I’ve been thinking on a particular challenge or I am contemplating a specific path forward in my life or business.

This week I’ve received many messages all from different sources but with the same general theme. No chance of me glossing over this one! And yes, we often overlook the message, discount it or even worse, ignore it because we don’t like what it says. The messages can imply that a change needs to be made and we most certainly don’t want to have to do that (at least not on the unconscious or subconscious level).

The message I’ve received, too many times to ignore, is that I am currently not living in balance. That can seem like a simple message and a simple thing to fix but it is deeper than that. By the time things have manifested into our physical world they’ve been present in the spiritual and mental planes for a while. Astrologically speaking when I connect in with my chart, it’s easy to see why my imbalances are present. I have enough fire energy to fuel the next space shuttle launch!

According to Emily Trinkaus on the topics of elements, “Fire has traditionally been associated with Spirit — the primal force of animation. Fire represents the desire for life, the will to be and become. Fire signs often embody leadership, initiative and courage. Ideally, Fire signs serve as an inspiration to others, stimulating creative action based on high ideals.”


These sound like wonderful attributes but the downside is that fire can burn itself out. Life is meant to be navigated as a marathon not a fast sprint. Building a  business can take a lot of energy and a great commitment of time. When someone has a lot of fire, they continually ‘do’ more and more without time for self-care or balance. When we ignore the messages over time, they inevitably show up as physical manifestations.

My struggle with balance has shown itself as a recent flare-up with TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) which presents with pain in the jaw, problems opening my mouth to eat and do things like brush my teeth. It can also create toothaches, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Frustrating for sure.

In addition to that, one of my feline companions K’en has had her front left leg go ‘lame’ as she mirrors back to me a struggle with balance.  Our animals are one of the best ways we can learn about the deeper meaning behind what is going on with us.  K’en has also had a sudden case of inflammation in her mouth resulting in her not eating, weight loss and a need for dental surgery this morning.  She is currently having that done as I type this.

To gain more clarity about these situations, I’ve had the recent pleasure of working with an animal healer, Tammy Billups, the founder of Sundance Healing Center. Tammy provides holistic healing for animals and their people. She is working on a very beautiful project that I want to share with you today. Your support is needed for this work to come to fruition. Please take the time to read the letter below as well as to watch the short video that Tammy has put together. Tammy has helped me connect in more deeply with what is going on for me as well as my beloved K’en. I can’t change how I am energetically wired but I can bring awareness into the relationship with myself and those I love.

Dear Rebecca,

Above is the link to my campaign to get my upcoming book, Beyond the Fur, published and printed so it can reach all those souls, 2- & 4-legged, who will benefit from its content.

Please take a look at the video in addition to the campaign details to help you better understand the why’s, how’s’ and what’s about the book. The video can be accessed at:

Every fiber of my being knows one of the reasons I am here is to share the knowledge I’ve discovered when working with animals & their people the last 14+ years doing thousands of sessions….the discoveries I’ve made around the higher, more spiritual reasons we are in each other’s lives… and how our energetic patterns of wounding that need healing are mirroring each other so we can heal together.

My dream to get my book, Beyond the Fur, published and printed this year is not too big. I’m going for it! Please support my dream by going to my book campaign, watch the video and donate what you can.

Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

Do you know someone I should contact that would like to know about my project and support my dream?

Together we will help endless animals and their people heal, love and evolve together.

This is not ‘my’ project. It’s a divinely guided and driven project that I am visualizing being lifted and moved forward on angels wings!

Join me on the journey!

Much love and endless gratitude,


To learn more about Tammy and the work she does, please click here.  You can also reach her at 770.552.9877

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