What Water Has to Teach Us About Life

I have always loved being around water. The indiscriminate ways in which it flows, unbound by anything around it, moving forward without fear as it progresses onward in its journey.  Human beings, despite being captivated and completely dependent upon water, haven’t fully learned how to tap into its wisdom as they navigate the often complicated creations of their lives.  But tapping into the wisdom of this mysterious substance could literally transform the very way we live.

Water flows downstream. Always.  And in life everything you want is always downstream.  You have been taught to swim against the stream, to look outside yourself for happiness and fulfillment and that hasn’t worked very well.  Love flows (with the current). Fear Resists (against the current). When you feel like life is a struggle, it’s because you are resisting what is.  Let go, be in flow.  Observe how the state of allowance shifts your perspective.

Water is soft and yielding, choosing to flow around the hard obstacles that stand in its way. Water does not engage in resistance and control, demanding the landscape change to suit its needs.  It simply is. It flows where it needs to flow.  If an object is present, that’s ok, with ease and grace in movement, water will continue on without feeling threatened about all the debris in the way.  It doesn’t give up or change its mind. It follows a path and is always committed to that path.

Water is nourishing, rejuvenating and the source of life. The only time that isn’t true is because WE have chosen to pollute, disturb and disrupt its pure and life sustaining essence.  71% of Earth’s surface is covered by ocean making our planet the ‘Water Planet’. The oceans support nearly 50% of all species on Earth. Water is nourishing and sustaining. At the same time we are disruptive and continually creating systems that are NOT sustainable!

Water is a true demonstration of Oneness.  A drop of water does not look to another and say, ‘I am not like you. I am above you. I am more powerful then you. I will fight you. I do not belong with you.’  Perhaps possessing a higher consciousness then we do, the droplets fall and merge into the greater pool in true demonstration of Oneness.  They coexist in the same space, united as a collective of source energy.

Water is a natural beauty.  Whether looking at a waterfall, ocean, stream or lake, water mesmerizes young and old alike. Water connects us with our emotions, deep within.  It does this without all the bells and whistles. Its beauty is simple and elegant.  Mankind on the other hand has ventured into the opposite world of making things dense and complicated, with requirement and agenda.  We need things to be over the top, superficial in nature and lacking in depth.

Water is Life.  Without it, we simply can’t survive. While we take that for granted EVERY single day, others are not so lucky. 6500 people will die today because they don’t have access to clean drinking water. Of those, 4100 are children.  Expand your awareness.  Reflect for a moment as you move through your day on the simple truth that ‘Water is Life’ and express gratitude for what you have that others don’t.  Please visit http://www.waterislife.com to view a very touching video that will assist in shifting your perspective about the blessings in your life and the role water plays.

Nature has given us the wisest of teachers if only we would listen to the messages and incorporate them as eternal truths.  Nature tries to reflect to us (literally) the most basic lessons…are you paying attention?


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