Questioning Our Beliefs

Dr. Seuss

Questioning Our Beliefs


noun: belief;

1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

2. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

I’m continually surprised by the lack of critical thought we give to understanding why we believe the way we do.  Granted, I’m in a line of work that requires me to put more than the average amount of thought into such philosophical ponderings as I muse levels of consciousness, the responsibility we have as the powerful creator of our lives and helping people navigate the concept of Transformation as they shift their reality beyond what they thought was possible for themselves.

But why, on Earth would we ever think the people around us had it figured out?  As far back as I can remember, all signs pointed to NOT EVEN CLOSE!  And yet, we were raised to download all the software for our Operating Systems including our parents, teachers, religions and friends without an additional thought as we plugged ourselves into the grid as another cog in the Consumer Wheel. Not a care in the world (or even a 30 second pause to reflect upon “Why am I doing this?) as we set out to make our mark. We were handed our set of beliefs and away we went to 1) pursue an education 2) land a high paying job/career and 3) win over that man or woman to settle down, start a family and begin the whole cycle all over again! Sounds like a predetermined winning plan, complete with one size fits all.

Of course we had our realizations along the way. We had Aha’s, those moments of truth and the like, but that hard dense crust of social consciousness is DAMN THICK! Just you try and break out of it.  Try telling your parents you’re not going to college because you have a different plan that involves art or music, as these are the things that light you up on the inside.  Try telling your grown children you’re selling it all to move to New Mexico to live on an Alpaca farm and be one with nature. Try telling your church someone can access your Soul Purpose and Life Lessons by reading about you in The Book of Life.  Try sharing anything outside the constructs of what we have all deemed to be “normal and acceptable” with anyone around you who is “normal and acceptable”.  And let me know how that goes!


Beliefs are the super glue that hold the edges of conformity together.  Who are you without your beliefs? How about: Open, Exploring, Curious, Expanded…like a child on Christmas morning waiting for Santa! Note:  Now there’s a belief that has stood the test of time that was included in our software download package! End Sacrasm.

Beliefs.  Oh so pesky…we walk around with zero to little awareness about how large a role they play in the creation of our reality.  They hold so much power and yet are given such little time and thought. Try asking someone WHY they believe something and they will tell you “I don’t know” or “I just do!”  Giant Sigh. We have the ability to put a man on the moon, cure smallpox, split subatomic particles and yet little ability to actually think for ourselves. And to those who do pursue their own path of truth, well, we call them crazy.

What if…you expanded your version of reality and embraced a connection with all living things on this planet to include plants and animals (both of which have consciousness!). What if you understood in a profound and deep way that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies as stated in the Universal Law of Vibration.

What if you understood that you are an individuated expression of the Divine (Source energy) experiencing itself? What if you knew that your Soul is on a Journey and you can access your inner truth at any time by connecting with your higher self? What if you ‘got’ that the Universe is more magical and benevolent then you were ever taught and always responds to your desire to create? What if you accessed your power and actually utilized the massive potential that lies dormant inside of you, just waiting to be ignited?  What if you realized that the way you’ve been taught to look at the world is small and myopic because it serves societal powers outside of you and leaves you dis-empowered and confused?  What if…you decided it was time to discover Your Sacred Truth and begin living it?

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