Living Your Souls Purpose

At some point most of us start to ask ourselves why we are here.  Either we have an internal pull, a deep yearning that drives us to discover the truth of our purpose or we become so checked out and disillusioned with the mundaneness of our reality that we start to question if this is all there is?

Regardless of how we get to the question, the journey eventually becomes about finding clarity as to our unique individuated expression…our soul’s purpose.  We sense that there is something we could be aligning ourselves to, call it a path, which would allow us to step more powerfully into a living demonstration of our gifts.

The truth is most of us don’t know our soul’s purpose and even fewer of us are actually living it.

When we do think about our purpose, we think about it in terms of a job or career.  This is actually a limited perspective from a third dimensional viewpoint.  If we think about the fact that we are all energy and the universe is entirely energetic, it wouldn’t make much sense that we would come here with the purpose of becoming a Job Title (accountant, doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc.)  These are simply constructs created by societies as a way to exchange goods and services to produce income.  From a spiritual perspective all that exists is energy/thought/consciousness. The constructs of such things as career, money and marriage have been created by us in the physical to sustain order and to make sense of our reality.  These constructs have been developed over time as we’ve continued to evolve.  The first humans weren’t particularly concerned with 401K’s and being on track to obtain a Harvard Law Degree.  Yet most of us in this modern era find our value, worth and merit from WHAT we do not HOW we do it.

One of the biggest reasons people come to me is to have an Akashic Record Reading to discover their Soul’s purpose.  Energetically I can access a person’s Soul Vibrational Spectrum to determine what energies Source used to create them at their moment of Origination. There are 8 primary energy centers that comprise an individual’s vibrational spectrum.  We have varying degrees of each energy. The energy we are most abundant in is our Souls purpose. Stepping into alignment with our purpose and making conscious choices to embody our energetic gifts will naturally align us with abundance and empowerment.  Our truth at Soul level is nothing but abundance!

Notice I said ‘making conscious choices to embody our energetic gifts’.  That means living it every day and in how you show up in the world.  Recently through a program with the Spiritual teacher, Derek Rydall “Awakened Wealth”, I began to focus on the statement that “Source can only come through you and as you.  As I began to focus on this thought in meditation and really absorb it into my consciousness, the very next day I received a newsletter from Janet Connor, author of ‘The lotus and the lily’ and host of ‘The Soul Directed Life’ on Unity Online Radio discussing the release of her next book titled “Soul Vows: Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You.

Wow…how’s that for Synchronicity!?

Our sacred truth is that we are all individuated expressions of the Divine.  As such expressions, our Creator is powerfully working through us, as us.  Want to align with your Soul’s purpose and fully live it?  Stop looking for it outside of you.  It’s not in your career, or the perfect relationship or a mountain of money.  It’s there, inside of you, waiting for you to take notice and step into it with authority and power…like you mean it.  Your purpose is not going to come looking for you. You have to take the lead.  Being empowered and purposeful are requirements for living your purpose…Could it be any other way?

The only limitations that exist are the ones you create. The truth is that you are more powerful, more abundant and more whole than you’ve ever known. You happen to live in a time when you are bombarded with the opposite message: “You’re not enough!” seemingly everywhere you turn. But that simply isn’t your truth. With a shift in awareness your life will begin to unfold in meaningful ways. The only question left to answer is…Are you ready?

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