Interview Wednesday April 23rd


Join me for an interview with Cyndi Silva

R Lafferty

Akashic Records aka “Book of Life”
Akashic Wisdom on Wisdom Wednesday
with guest Rebecca Lafferty & host Cyndi Silva
Wednesday, April 23rd 
  12PM PT | 2PM CT | 3PM ET
(425) 440-5100   753491#

The Akashic Records, also referred to as the “Book of Life” or “Hall of Records” are an energetic database that contain the thoughts, feelings, and experiences for every soul that has ever lived. The records can be accessed as an instrument for healing to gain further insight into the history of the soul including soul origin, soul purpose and soul level gifts as well as blocks and restrictions from past and current life choices not aligned with our highest path and purpose. These misalignment’s can keep us stuck in areas of relationships, finances, health and emotional well-being.

Receiving spiritual guidance can bring this knowledge into our awareness so we can better understand life from a view of our soul’s journey. Wisdom from the Akashic Records contributes to soul level healing as we begin making choices that are in alignment with our divine nature. Our true purpose, after all, is to express our Divinity into our human experience. When we are aligned with our sacred truth, we naturally embody abundance, purpose and power.

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