The Truth About Negativity


This past weekend, I spent time at a Spiritual retreat outside of Chicago, IL.  It was an amazing experience of being around like minded individuals, immersing myself in high vibrational energy.  There were no distractions, no media and no opportunities to engage with negativity. It was simply a time for quiet reflection, away from the stresses of a busy world and over active mind chatter. The weekend resulted in profound inner calmness, a lightness of mind, body and spirit.  Of course riding the high vibrational wave can be tricky mostly because at some point, we have to reintegrate with reality.  I was careful to ‘observe’ myself as I returned to the routine of daily life.  Surprisingly, the lightness stayed with me.  I found myself full of joy (not necessarily my natural set point).  I observed others in my environment struggle with frustration, sadness and anger while I tried to maintain a new normal.  I didn’t lower my vibration to match theirs as I’ve done in the past, I simply observed without judgment as they created their reality using brush strokes of varying colors and frequencies.


While stepping back into the routine of a busy schedule, I tried to keep my awareness on the choices I make in my day to day life that affect my energy, both positive and negative. This led me deeper into the question…what is negativity?  Negativity and negative energy are the absence of light.  It is not bad or evil, it is merely energy that separates us from our Divine Light, the truth of who we are.  Negativity does not “happen” to us. We have to make a choice to engage with it.

While at the retreat, the majority of my time and experience was spent connecting to my Divine gifts, my Soul’s expression. I basked in it. I shared it with others. I went deeper into all aspects of my lightness.  We are light beings who have chosen to incarnate into this physical reality as another opportunity to experience ourselves.  We are true masters not the indentured servants we’ve been conditioned to believe about ourselves from our society and organized religions.

To get in touch with this mastery, part of the retreat was stepping into being a master. My personal gifts are passionate wisdom, being a teacher of enlightenment and serving as one that holds the keys of wisdom that unlock the gates to let the light in.  Taking that in was very powerful!  How could I not hold myself in the highest regard with this knowing?

Negativity on the other hand creates separation between us and Divine Source.  Negative choices reinforce the illusion that we are not spiritual beings. These choices reinforce the illusion that we are merely human without a divine light within us. We all make negative choices as well as positive choices.  In a Universe governed by free will, both are valid.  There is no judgment around either path.  While I may decide to evolve towards my knowing that I am a Divine being, another may make a soul-level decision NOT to evolve towards a union with Source. The beauty is that our life will always be a reflection of the choices we’ve made and the paths we’ve decided to walk down.  One of the most powerful needs of the human condition is the need for choice.  We have that at each and every moment of our life!

Today I encourage you to look at the areas where you feel disconnected from the truth of who you are.  Can you take a step forward to connect with your light, your essence? How would that transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you? How can you personally embody the greatness you see in others? By embracing the gifts within we open an energetic doorway for that greatness to be reflected back to us because the universe will always reflect back the relationship we have with ourselves.

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