A ‘New’ Year

A ‘New’ Year

I attended a training this past weekend that was awe inspiring as well as nurturing for my mind, body and soul.  One of the principles really struck me because I see this theme present itself again and again during reoccurring conversations with clients, discussions at networking events and in the content of the spiritual and personal development I engage in as part of my commitment to take the work to a deeper level.

The facilitator of the training discussed how a hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, was able to stay ahead of his competitor’s game after game.  When asked how he did it, he replied “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

He continued with the translation to our lives where we open to the awareness that we have the power to start living from where our life is going, not where we have been.

Sit with that for a moment.

What does living your life from this vantage point require of you?

  • To step outside of your story?
  • To stop living from your memories?
  • To stop living from the past?
  • To embrace the new life you want to create?

So many people live their lives not 70 to 80 years, but the same year 70 to 80 times.  Why?  Because they hold so tight to who they were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, last year…They can’t let go of the past to create the dreams they say they yearn for now.

You see, we are powerfully creating our reality every moment of every day based on our thoughts and emotions and yet we are ignorant of the fact that every single time we direct our thoughts to the fear and resentment of ‘what happened before’ with our relationships, with our finances, with our careers, we continue to re-create that reality again and again.  That’s why a lot of people feel like they are stuck in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

In order to create NEW in your life, you have to allow new thoughts, creativity and inspiration to flow in and to start living with a focus on where your life is going, not where it has been.  You already know the story of loneliness, heartbreak and diminishing bank account balances.  You don’t need to rehash that for the umpteenth time.  You already know the story of playing small, settling with mediocrity and hiding your light.  Why do you continue to reread that chapter when the rest of the book needs to be written?

Every time you step into the past, you bring it into the present.  You are creating your future based on what you encode your energy flow with each and every day.  Are you encoding feelings of happiness, abundance, peace and love or fear, judgment, resistance and blame?

The answer to that question may seem difficult but there is a simple test that is full proof in answering it for you.  If you look around at what you have created in all areas of your life, what do you see?  Are you proud of your art or would you rather throw a sheet over it?  Your life is a direct reflection of who you are being:  your consciousness and energy (a.k.a. your awareness and frequency).

You have unlimited potential inside of you waiting to be expressed in physical form as the effect of your life.  You ARE creating continually.  The decision is whether it’s a Picasso or paint by number book you picked up at the clearance rack at Wal-mart.

As we navigate the final chapter of 2014 and you take time to reflect upon your creations, the highs and the lows, I encourage you to step into your vision for 2015. What new reality do you want to create for yourself?  What changes do you have to make to meet the aspects of yourself that are trying to emerge? What action steps can you take now to start encoding your present with the future you wish to create?

They call it the NEW YEAR for a reason.  Fresh starts like newly fallen snow waiting to be imprinted with your creativity as you tap into infinite possibility!

A New Year

Make this the year you go beyond just thinking about it.

Email me at rebecca@yoursacredtruth.com to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session. We’ll develop powerful next steps to create change and momentum for the upcoming year.

To your Success!

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