You are…

You are…

The artist, poet, potter and designer.  You are all of those things and more.  Yet day after day you sit and wait for someone to come into your life to fix or rescue you. You wait for a savior instead of picking up the brush to create your dreams and desires.  You wait for someone to give you the vibrant colors you feel your life needs.

Red for passion because life feels SO mundane.  Same bat day, same bat channel.  You go through the motions knowing very little will be different on this day than the previous 365.  One of the unfortunate side effects of having all of your survival needs met (trust me if you were on the lookout for a mountain lion while foraging for berries and sticks to build a fire, you’d feel ALIVE).  Your instant access to every conceivable piece of media and online stimulation leaves you feeling soulless (frequent use leads to de-stimulation and a numbing effect). The daily routine of forcing yourself to wake up, endure never ending lists, incredible commutes and a career that you may be over…of course you want some RED!! We didn’t even mention your relationship or lack thereof.  All of you screams from a Red Deficiency.                                            Red Paint


You yearn for blue to give you a sense of peace, calm and spiritual connection. Without a sense of purpose, every day runs into the next and you still yearn for clarity on the larger questions of life. Why are you here? What are you supposed to be doing with  your time? What’s next? When will you finally find happiness?         Blue paint



You seek green to feel grounded, connected with nature and in flow with abundance and creativity. You long for growth, harmony and freshness.                                                                     Green paintOh if only you had the palette from which to create, the words to rhyme, the clay to mold and the vision to hold it all together, than your life would be perfect. I know.

And that my dear…is the illusion. Whether you get it or not, YOU ARE the artist, poet, potter and designer. You came in with those gifts and yes they may lay dormant because you choose to live an unconscious life, but they exist none the less.

No one will ever be able to give you what you already possess. Salvation was yours the moment you took your first breath. And slowly over time you came to believe the lies that you were broken, not good enough, lacking and doomed to mediocrity. You believed this because everyone around you knew it to be their truth. The veil of social consciousness was so thick it smothered your brilliance and the brilliance of everyone you knew. In time your perspective was the same as everyone else’s. You were not special, powerful or creative and you were doomed to be a victim to what life handed you; dried up crusty tubes of paint, dyslexia, a broken vase and no attention to detail.

Wake up! This moment and every moment after is about you owning your truth. You are the powerful creator of your reality. Nothing outside of you can make you or save you. The good news: you get to be your own (s)hero! How incredible is that?

How to begin? Pay attention to your thoughts and how you feel. Your perception creates your experience. If  you perceive that life sucks through the filter you have chosen, your life will suck. If you perceive that every day is a true gift and you’d like to make the most of it by being more, exploring more, knowing more and giving more than that becomes your reality.

All of the colors of the rainbow are at your disposal. All words await your prose. All fabrics and textures await your placement. You are…the artist, poet, potter and designer. Be YOU. Inspire, Create and Share your essence with the world. The question is never ‘how’ but ‘when’?


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