The True Meaning of PASSION

The True Meaning of PASSION


When most of us think of the word Passion, we think of love, desire and romance. The true meaning of passion however is much different.

The true meaning of passion is “to suffer.”

According to Kevin Hall the author of ‘Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words’, “At its essence, passion is sacred suffering. It’s one thing to suffer and be a victim; it’s an entirely different thing to be willing to suffer for a cause and become a victor.”

So what is the true essence of Passion?  To me, it is having that deep yearning inside of you that will do anything to be expressed.  It’s a key that will lead you to your purpose and a life of fulfillment.

You know passion when you see it.  It’s the athlete who is up at 5 every morning working out to hone their muscle memory.  It’s the artist who enters a flow like state cutting themselves off from this reality to create in another.  It’s the CEO or Entrepreneur who day after day consistently does whatever it takes to bring their A-game no matter how many times they get knocked down.  It’s the ballet dancer, musician and actor who study from the best, are told ‘no’ again and again as they work to better themselves to compete in a world that is full of people with gifts.

Passion. It’s the fuel that gives a seemingly normal person Super Powers.

When you are surrounded by 7 billion people, each with their own set of gifts, it’s hard to feel unique. We all have ability. The mastery lies in being able to connect to the reservoir of ‘rocket fuel’ that resides in each and every one of us but is only accessed by a few.

Passion can drive us beyond what the common motivators of enjoyment, happiness, and desire can do.  If our primary motivator is happiness and we are pursuing a path that is met with resistance, it won’t be long before we abandon ship. Why? Because resistance brings the opposite experience of happiness so surely we must be on the wrong path. Soon after we find ourselves pursuing a completely new path, one that once again promises the deliverance of happiness.  This is how most people live their entire lives, anchored in the illusion that the path to the end result will be of the same energetic quality as the end result (i.e. happiness, stardom, wealth). When they see the path brings a completely different experience, they bail in hopes of finding a newer faster safer route.

If our primary motivator is desire we will soon discover that desire is as fleeting as this year’s hottest tech trends and spring fashion. Gone as quickly as it comes in.

To really anchor into that volcanic fire that burns within the depths of our soul, we must connect with our Passion.  Day after day my Entrepreneur clients share their challenges, their up’s and down’s, their connection to that fire that keeps them running the marathon when they are exhausted, spent, low on resources and energy and desperately in need of a resting station.

Passion is what gets them up every morning. Passion is what fuels their mind, body and spirit when the people around them are taking the path of least resistance or doing what everyone else does. Passion is what sparks their creative genius to live in a world of possibility.  Passion is what carries them over the threshold of mediocrity when they show up to kick some serious ass because they can’t help but go above and beyond. Passion is their Super Power.

They suffer for what they love.

Not a ‘poor me’ kind of suffer. A soulful “I’m carrying this beautiful child inside of me for 9 long months to birth his or her sacred emergence into the world” (that every mother can attest to) kind of suffer.

When you are truly connected to your passion, you would work without pay if you had to, simply for the opportunity to do what you love.  You have an intensity about you that others can spot a mile away and often misunderstand for insanity. You get so lost in the flow you must remind yourself to eat and pee.  (Or maybe that’s just me.)  You are so connected to the essence inside of you it can’t help but flow out like a river of magma creating new channels all around you as it begs to be expressed and shared with others.

I have a passion for connecting individuals with their unlimited potential, their Divine essence, their Sacred Truth as they expand awareness for the journey of their Soul. I live, eat and breathe this with an unrelenting conviction. It drives me beyond a normal pursuit, desire or impulse.  It is a deep well spring of energy that exists within every fiber of my being that wants to be expressed in the world.

What are you passionate about? What channels do you have set up to allow this energy to flow through you? What action can you take today to start mining your Truth to connect you with your passion? 

I’m excited about co-authoring an upcoming book: F.A.I.T.H Volume II ‘Finding Answers in the Heart’  due out Spring 2015.  True stories of inspiration to jump-start your life!

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