The Preciousness of Life

The Preciousness of Life

At the end of August, I had the good fortune to attend a Wild Dolphin retreat in the Bahama’s, snorkeling in open water with these magnificent creatures (click here to check out a photo album from the trip).  It was amazing and I was deeply moved by this experience. I had every intention this month to write about the high vibrational energies I was immersed in during the trip however I’ve felt drawn to expanding that topic to the preciousness of all life.

Recently we’ve lost two individuals who have contributed a great deal to the world of personal and spiritual development.  On August 30th, 2015 the internationally renowned author and speaker, Wayne Dyer left this world.  On September 12th, Scott Dinsmore, an entrepreneur and founder of ‘Live Your Legend’ was killed in a tragic accident while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife.  “He lived more in his short 33 years than most do in a lifetime,” his father, William Dinsmore, said.

Often it is losses like these that give us pause, if only for a few minutes to take stock of where we are in our own life as we connect in with the Preciousness of Life.  It is suddenly not having something that we may have taken for granted that quickly brings in the awareness of its worth. It may be the loss of a friend, mentor, pet, relationship, or career.

Our pause is but a brief moment of reflection before we squirrel back to the To Do List and never ending queue. We immerse ourselves back into the illusion, the hectic swirl of what life has become for most of us:  responsibility, pressure, deadlines and concerns about how to pay for it all.  And this reality can be summed up with two words: The Grind.

Now, think for a moment about the back asswards nature of the fact that we paused (temporarily) to honor the preciousness of life and that reflection was most likely very fleeting while the majority of our sacred time is spent drenching ourselves in ‘The Grind’.


When did we take a wrong turn and how did we get so far off course?  The answer to that question is obviously unique to each person reading this but I’m certain similarities do exist for most of us.

We got sucked in to the nonsense while we were doing the best we could to play the game.

To quote my dear husband, Joel “We’ve come to live in such a way that the slave has become the master, and the master a slave.”

The master being our intuition and connection to the all through our consciousness where we innately understand every day that there are so many gifts all around us. The slave being social consciousness (what everyone else is doing) and the pursuit of our third dimensional scorecard and desire for comforts.

The result?  We are left squandering the intricacies of our society and our world versus understanding that they are simple props for a greater play which is performed every moment when we connect with our divinity and inner brilliance…also known as ‘The Preciousness of Life’!  So…how do we return to this connection?


Don’t take the Illusion So Seriously

What do I mean by that?  The hype, social pressure, competition, exaggerated sense of urgency for all the B.S. we buy into…IT’S NOT REAL!   They call it an illusion because it can go away tomorrow: the houses, cars, career, bank account, your popularity or lack thereof.  Poof!

Imagine the change in the world if everyone dropped their control issues overnight and released the need to hold on so tightly to the Illusion.  We would be overcome with a sudden wave of inner peace as it spread over the planet. Ahhhhhhhh.

Disconnect As Often As You Can

The powers that be want you connected more often not less.  You are easier to influence that way.

You are also subject to a continual bombardment of marketing and advertising for all the things you are missing in your life that will no doubt fill that vacancy deep inside of you.

A constant stream of blue light flooding your brain actually lowers your vibration making you less likely to connect in with your inner knowing which would most certainly tell you, you don’t “have to” go to a job you hate every day.  You don’t have to opt-in to ‘The Grind’. 

The answer is simple. Disconnect.

I promise your lack of social media presence is not going to stop life as we know it.

Turn off the TV.

Read a book.

Spend time in nature, watching the majestic beauty all around you.  You are connected to all of life: the birds flying above you, the grass growing below your feet and the squirrels jumping from tree to tree.

Nature nurtures your vital force energy.  Technology depletes it.  Every day you get to choose whether to fill your batteries or drain them and your life will be a reflection of that choice.

Discover Your Truth

The biggest piece of the puzzle for honoring ‘The Preciousness of Life’ is to honor YOU.  At your essence, who are you? Why are you here?  What is your purpose beyond a hash tag, address and bank account? What do you plan to do with your time on this planet?

Having answers to those questions is so very liberating!  When you know who you are and why you’re here you can see all of life through a different lens.  You have respect for yourself and others that doesn’t require the wearing of masks and facades. You can live an authentic life and step out of the Grind because you see it for what it is.  An illusion.

You are real. Your Soul is infinite and constantly expanding as Source energy…always saying yes to connect in with ‘The Preciousness of Life’.

Please take more than a brief pause today to offer reverence for who you are and the life that is all around you.

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