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As we head into Thanksgiving we find ourselves with much to be grateful for. Our lives are filled with abundance from a surplus of food to beautiful home comforts and technological advancements that make life easier.

We are surrounded by more supply than previous generations have ever had.  The ease from which we can access anything we want is lightning speed compared to a time when moving across the prairie took months and months often exposing families to hunger, extreme weather and illness or death. In our not so distant past, mail was delivered on horseback and meal time meant whatever you could hunt or grow.  Our reality, in contrast, is insanely easy!

Yet despite ALL that we have to be grateful for, we can still find challenges everywhere we look that take our thoughts and focus to the people, situations, structures and systems that we deem broken, wounded, dark and hopeless. We often find that our ideology may be vastly different from those around us.

As we prepare for time with family, we knowingly step into situations that threaten to bring up our perpetual triggers and stoke our need to be right about the way we see life, inclusive of our corresponding strategy for how to save the world from itself.

But does the world really need to be saved?

“With humility comes the willingness to stop trying to control or change other people or life situations or events ostensibly ‘for their own good’. To be a committed spiritual seeker, it is necessary to relinquish the desire to be ‘right’ or of imaginary value to society. In fact, nobody’s ego or belief systems are of any value to society at all. The world is neither good nor bad nor defective, nor is it in need of help or modification because its appearance is only a projection of one’s own mind.”  ― David R. Hawkins

So what is a solution to navigating the holidays and beyond while holding a space of neutrality and allowing life to simply unfold as it will in perfect Divine Order?


Light is our core essence.  It is the truth of who and what we are.

In our current reality of matter and material, we experience the duality of light and darkness and that experience can be challenging.  Darkness can seem scary especially if we give our energy to it. It can invoke the warrior in us, preparing us for battle because the world’s existence most certainly depends on us, right? Who will fight the good fight if not us? Who will wake up those who are sleeping? Who will convert the lost ones?

While a seemingly worthwhile endeavor, the truth is we are all on our own journey towards knowing ourselves as Source. The process of remembering looks different for everyone.  My journey is not more right than someone else’s. Your journey is not more right. The value we place on our beliefs are not superior to the value of another’s construct of the world.  No matter how tempting it is, it is not our job to be the keeper of another Soul’s development.

We are individually trying to find a path that resonates to what is true for us.  And while we are on this journey, the noblest thing we can do is to be the light that we wish to see in the world, the light we wish to see in others.

That can best be accomplished by doing our own inner work.  Every wound we heal, every shadow we embrace can transmute the darker parts of ourselves to allow our inner brilliance to shine through brighter than before. Whenever we get triggered, it is because there is a shadow aspect of ourselves that is being shown to us in the reflection of another. Those reflections often elicit a lot of emotion and intensity within us as anger and frustration that we want to hurl back to the person who reflected it to us.

“People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

When our focus is on the one thing we do have control over (our own florescence)– it dramatically shifts how we interact with the world and allows us to positively impact the collective without trying to change their beliefs, their thoughts and get their will to align with our notion of ‘what is best’ for them.

Being the light is a commitment to seeing things from a larger vantage point. It is a commitment to expressing your best self while providing respite to those who have been swallowed by the night. A light house brings comfort to those lost at Sea.  We can share our light with others regardless of where they are on their journey.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful tradition that we share with those we love.  During this holiday season, let us also share our internal illumination regardless of perceived differences so all of humanity can know the warmth of light.

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