The Dangers of Complacency

It would be quite easy to pause and reflect on our current social crises and wonder how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Epidemics have become all too common involving drugs, suicide, obesity and individuals feeling very disconnected from a deeper sense of meaning in their lives.

In a relatively short period of time, we have swung our pendulum from being survival focused to having a surplus of literally everything we could possibility imagine. This has resulted in a nation dealing with the dangers of Complacency.

We are a checked out, numbed out, addicted and spiritually empty group trying to find our way in a technologically advanced world while simultaneously embodying the emotional intelligence of a 3 year old.

And I’m not just referring to those who hold political offices.

Please don’t be offended. Maybe you find that you have the EQ of a 12 year old. If so, bravo to you.  Regardless, a person with a high EQ is an exception for sure.

The truth is we live in our head space.  Often the mention of emotions creates a visceral response in people (especially those who strongly identify with their logical mind) and you can see the disdain oozing off their words.  “Emotions?!  What a luxury. Who has time for emotions?? We have sh*t to do!”

We do not have a culture that encourages us to check in with ourselves to see how we are feeling. So for the most part, we just don’t.

The consequence of our straying a million miles away from the wisdom and insight of our native heritage and spirit? Our current reality!

My short check in’s with media never fail to connect me to a headline on the war on Heroin or the story of yet another young person who took their own life.

Our top experts scramble to deal with the dangerous effects of these very real social issues.  What I don’t see or hear is people talking about what caused it from a larger evolutionary perspective.

When I reflect, I ask myself…

How do we have access to more resources than ever before but feel so empty inside?

How can we be so numb to yet another natural disaster or war when these are our fellow human beings suffering?

How have we let Corporations destroy our planet, poison our foods ( and create pharmaceuticals that are so incredibly addictive that they have created a National Emergency?  

How can we care so little about the state of the world as we mutter ‘not my problem’ when we hear about refugees’, immigration or other crimes against humanity that occur on a daily basis?

How can we not take to the streets in protest for all the ridiculousness that occurs that we do nothing about?

Because…We Have Become Dangerously Complacent.
What is Complacency?

Being stagnant in Spirit and abundant in arrogance and pride.

We have become a nation unaware of our own deficiencies while relishing in our smugness and self-satisfaction.

We have become wayyyyyyyyyyy too comfortable.

Typically, the beauty of historical hindsight is insight.  However, even though we can clearly see that mighty Empires have fallen for less, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves from following a similar trajectory.

So what can we do? Don our capes as the masked crusaders to stir up our nation’s psyche? Probably not.

But, we can look to our own lives to see where we have fallen into this trap.  In reviewing myself over the past few months as I work diligently to become more physically present and connected to my emotions and heart space, I can see that I have accumulated quite a list!

In the name of sharing but not so extensively to bore you, I will lead with a few examples.

I have become complacent with physical activity.

Sure I go to the gym a couple of times a week and hike when I can but for the most part, focusing on my physical body has not been my go to. If I’m being honest, I did those things begrudgingly and mostly because of my husband’s influence and passion for working out, not mine.

Add in the fact that I’m tall, have a thinner build and can get away with a lot and the complacency is taken to deeper levels. Also I could care less about food. I would substitute meal time with a pill three times a day if I could.

So to shake things up, I have committed to doing two miles every morning in a walk/run/high interval fashion.  I have also added a 30 minute core workout to work on flexibility and tone.  To track my physical movement throughout the day, I’ve downloaded a great app called My Fitness Pal. This allows me to track my goals for the day along with my diet and exercise.

After breaking myself out of complacency’s firm hold, I am bringing consciousness to my physical body in a way that is revitalizing.

I have become complacent with my Business.

Yes I love what I do and truly enjoy working with clients but I don’t engage Social Media and Marketing at the level that I could.  I stopped doing monthly workshops when I moved from Atlanta to a more rural area.  It may require a longer drive, but I have opportunities that I need to engage in.  In addition, posting on Social Media is not something I enjoy doing.

To shake things up, I wrote a new E-Book  for my Opt-in that has been on my ‘to do’ list for over a year (seriously, how complacent can I possibly be?!) I reached out to a consultant today on Fiverr to design a digital cover for the book for placement on my website.

I have become complacent in my relationships.

And on and on and on…

Complacency is dangerously silent.  It affects us in ways that rob us of our vitality.  Often, we don’t know we’ve been complacent until a consequence shows up to shake us out of our routine.  By then, it can be too late.

Where are you being complacent in your life?  Be honest with yourself.  What is it costing you to let one more day pass without changing what you KNOW needs to change?

Let’s shift the complacency on our planet by starting with ourselves.

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