Connecting with the Divine Gardener Within

We just celebrated the Spring Equinox on Tuesday in the Northern Hemisphere. Granted, it may not feel like spring yet depending on where you are. I’ve had snowflakes falling outside my office window this week but my fingers are crossed that Mother Nature is moving in the direction of more warmth, sunshine and arousing the natural world.

This time of year creates a yearning in me to visit the nursery and plant my spring annuals. The impulse of life flows towards planting seeds and planning for the harvests we want to see later in the year.

Often I see individuals wanting to manifest more love, prosperity, business and health yet they allow for such a short germination cycle that what they expect to create hasn’t been given the proper time to mature.

As the Chinese Proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We have a culture that creates fantasy around overnight success, instant healings, winning the lottery and a mindset of ‘things will just come to me without me having to do anything.’   It’s simply not true yet all of us engage in magical thinking on some level.

The majority of people I talk to aren’t as far along as they would like to be in insert any life area – their business, relationship, level of abundance or health.

They are often starting to wake up to the importance of having something in their life that they don’t currently have and really want to manifest it.

They frequently don’t want to hear that patience is required because building or growing anything with a solid foundation requires years of process and commitment for true stability.   (Mastery can take up to 10 years of consistent study and practice).

They want what they want when they want it. 

They get inspired, have a thought around that inspiration and open themselves up to the possibility of it being a part of their life.  After they connect with what is required to bring it in – the shine and glamour of the inspiration starts to fade and reality sets in.

“What? You mean I have to work really hard for it over a period of time?”

Yes. You do.  Just like all the people you respect and look up to have had to work for it.

We see others on stage or practicing their craft and have no real perspective or awareness of the thousands of hours they’ve committed to getting where they are.  We idealize them and gloss over the level of dedication that was required.

We want to jump into their level of success without having to do what they’ve done.  We want a time and space bypass.   And good marketers know this – which is why they use their success to inspire you and get you to say yes to their products and programs.  They know you want what they have.

Unfortunately, once you’ve signed up, you quickly learn how much time, work and effort is involved,  you move on to the next shiny object that promises to deliver that ‘something you feel lost without’ in an area of your life.

The good news is you can step off the carousel. You can accept that we live in a physical world and anything worth having requires time, effort and commitment.

What we focus on today will come to fruition in the way we imagine, several years from now.  Not tomorrow.

If you find that you frequently drift from thing to thing, constantly seeking your next big success or breakthrough, never giving any of these the proper time, attention or care they need to develop and grow, then perhaps it’s time to connect with the Divine Gardener within you.

Advice from the Gardener
1) Decide to Begin

Starting is actually the hardest step for most people because it requires making a decision.  Confusion can keep you disconnected from having to be responsible and own your power.  The payoff is you don’t have to start anything because you can hide behind your excuse, but at a great cost.

You will never experience the payoff of growth or success. Decide to begin. You will be amazed at how much opens up for you with that one decision.  Life will start to bring you the right people and circumstances to assist you on your journey.

2) Get clarity on what you want to plant or seed

Having a Vision is paramount before you break the soil.  It doesn’t need to be completely fleshed out but a general notion of what you want to create.  Each year I love to create container gardens with lots of color.  I connect with that Vision before I visit the nursery.

Do you want a business that is an expression of your gifts?  If financial freedom is your Vision, what does that mean to you?  Are you looking for a relationship that is nurturing and supportive?

Whatever it is, when we can add language and form to the desire we feel inside, it frees up the creative and expressive energy that is often dammed in us from stifling ourselves.  It takes much more effort to stay in procrastination and confusion then it does in productively channeling our vital force energy into outlets.

3) Amend the Soil and prep the Container

Manifesting our dreams requires that we get our hands dirty.  We have to do the work.  Amending the Soil and prepping the Container is a part of the process.

How can you begin researching what you want to create? How can you learn more about it or talk to others who’ve done it?  What size container does it need?  If I want to start a business as a sole proprietor, I need a different ‘container’ then starting a landscaping company with employees.  If I’m looking for my ideal partner, do I know what age works best?  Do they want children or not?  Begin thinking about the size and shape of the container.

4) Plant the seeds with love

You’ve begun.  You’ve created your Vision.  You’ve done the research and know what you are planting and where.  You’ve added soil amendments for a rich environment.  Now it’s time to plant the seeds.  With your intention guiding the way, you are taking action on the steps needed to get yourself going.  Maybe they germinate, maybe they don’t?  It’s all a part of the learning process but you are committed to staying the course.

5) Nurture them with appropriate light, fresh water and care

Like a compassionate mother, you tend to your creation with appropriate lighting, fresh water and care.  Are there some areas where the leaves are yellowing?  Is it getting too much sun or shade?

With your new business or relationship, where are you overly focused on something and not giving enough attention to an area that is less fun?  In business we can focus too much on content creation and not spend adequate time on marketing and sales.  In relationships, we can focus on looking good and showing up a certain way and not take the time to really get to know the other person at a deeper level.  Nurture your plants with what they most need to grow healthy and strong.

6) Keep the area free of weeds and fertilize as needed

Most of us live super busy lives.  Maintenance ranks as high on our list of ‘things we want to do’ as going to the dentist. However, if we don’t de-weed frequently, we soon find the thing that brought us so much joy and passion has become over grown.

The physical world requires care and maintenance. That’s true for our bodies, minds and spirit’s as well as our careers and relationships.  Nothing functions completely on auto-pilot.  Power = Responsibility.  Often we are so focused on the power of creation we forget it comes with actual responsibility.

As we move into Spring, what seeds do you want to sow for the future?  Where would you like to be a few years down the road?

If you need any assistance with any of these steps, reach out for a complimentary session.

Now is the time to start planting! 

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