The Life Hack for Less Struggle

Everywhere we turn, we see a world full of struggle.  Separation, division and confusion are at an all-time high.  With so much chaos on the scene, it can be easy to see how one might get caught up in the collective currents and lose a sense of safety within themselves.

One of the biggest challenges of this reality is coming into a world where the majority of people around us are confused about who they are.

Instead of getting guidance and insight in our youth and formative years about what it takes to live a happy and fulfilled life, we are basically given an ambiguous half thought out strategy that amounts to circumventing pain as best we can.

“Everyone’s doing the best they can” we are told. We look around us to see a bar that’s set incredibly low from a Soul perspective and ridiculously high from a materialistic one. We intuitively know that people could do a lot more to step into their higher potential if they only had proper instruction and assistance from others with more insight then them.

With little to go on, we embark on a journey to seek truth and clarity about the nature of life.  However, we often do so in round about ways and become entangled with distorted belief systems, religions and the spell casting of society that adds more to our confusion then to our clarity.

We can end up feeling like life is our foe versus our friend and may start to believe that the challenges will never end.  Especially because that’s what we see all around us!

I understand how we have collectively “gotten here”.  But there is a path that frees us from this very limiting perspective.

There is a life hack for less struggle.

There is a way of looking at life that can anchor us into a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the wonders all around us.

So how do we do this?

Finding ourselves

Embedded in our experience is an amnesia about who we are.  Most people have a crazy amount of baggage from the memory of one lifetime, much less the recall of every experience we’ve ever had.

Each lifetime is a new opportunity to discover ourselves and yet again try to master the physical experience. With infinity to work with, we have innumerable opportunities to wake up to the truth of who we are.

When we do reconnect to the knowing that we are individuated aspects of Source/the Divine having a human experience, we can use our free will and environment to create a life that reflects our Soul’s essence and creativity. We all have a unique way to be self-expressed!

Finding ourselves allows for this re-connection so that we can embody it in all that we do.  

The Ascended Masters beautifully demonstrated what it looks like to master the physical experience through heightened levels of demonstration of their Divine origins and capabilities.

We are all made from the same star dust.

They just knew it with every fiber of their being and infused that knowing into how they walked through life, challenges and all.

Moving through the storms with balance and harmony

Another part of our experience is polarity. Without the low’s, we can’t experience the high’s.  Without a right, we can’t know left.  Without an experience of who we are not, we can’t know who we are.

Life comes built in with challenge. There is nothing we can do to override that.

Challenge helps us grow. It connects us in with new perspective.  It strengthens us and move us further along our evolutionary process.

No spiritual bypass will ever take you out of having to navigate obstacles and initiations into greater ways of being. And yes, that is what challenge is. Initiations.

The caterpillar didn’t pray, affirm, deny or attempt to override the physical to avoid pain on the path to becoming a butterfly.

And challenge doesn’t have to mean struggle.

Resisting what is – creates struggle.

When we surrender to the cycles and seasons of life, staying anchored into the knowing of who we are and the fundamental purpose of challenge, we can maintain balance and harmony despite the storms.

The Cosmic weather will always be there!  It’s a fundamental part of how life works. Get good with finding your balance point no matter what is happening outside of you.  That is what it means to master the physical experience. Life is giving us the perfect conditions to do this every single day.

Trusting life

Finding ourselves and moving through the storms with balance and harmony also requires a belief that we can trust life.  One of my favorite Einstein quotes is “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

With so much chaos unfolding in the world around us, it certainly takes practice and a commitment to not falling into the trap of victimhood to trust that life has our back.

I’ve said it many times, but this experience is not for the faint of heart!

We came here to ‘embody’ divinity. But we can’t experience that which we do not express. I can’t experience compassion if I don’t express compassion.  Embodiment allows for the experience.  The challenges that we encounter are there as ‘opportunities’ for us to express certain aspects of ourselves via the challenge – be it patience, humility, compassion, grace, understanding, mercy, etc.

There is no opportunity to express patience or grace if everything were to go our way all the time and we lived in a Utopia.  Quite another story when we are sitting in traffic, late for our appointment, surrounded by rude drivers who cut us off.  Viola – lots of opportunity to embody patience and grace!!

Life is a perfect system designed to give us experiences where we can choose to express our higher nature.  The fact that the majority of human beings don’t make that choice doesn’t take anything away from our ability to do so in our own life!

Staying connected to the truth

Our life has less struggle when we connect to the truth.

We are safe. We are well. Everything is unfolding for the collective good and our own personal good, whether we can see that in the moment or not.

It is our forgetting this truth that contributes to our getting lost at Sea.

But at any time, we can reorient ourselves and anchor back into the steps listed above!

The Life Hack for Less Struggle is dependent on our ability to choose what perspective we want to bring to this grand adventure we are in.

What will you choose?

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