What would our life look like if we had an unlimited supply of this powerful force?  Every day we are faced with choices, each one with the potential to take us more into alignment with where we want to go, or further away.  Energetically we can feel the weight of some of the choices we have to make.  Is this the best job for me or not?  Is moving to a large city or smaller one more in alignment with my highest path? Is leaving this relationship my best opportunity to find the love I know exists but haven’t found yet? Is it better to sell my business or make financial changes that reduce my burdens?

Each choice carries the weight of setting up our future.  Often this is when we get stuck because subconsciously we KNOW how detrimental it is to the unfolding of what lies ahead.  The longer we delay a step forward, the heavier the weight becomes.  Add to that the pressures we feel from others to follow their path or think like them and the judgment/expectation we put on ourselves to make the ‘right’ choice and the weight becomes unbearable!

Navigating our own ship seems simple in theory but executing it can be an entirely different matter.  How do we stay true to ourselves and push through the winds of change that inevitably blow in our direction?  Are those winds signs from the universe that we aren’t on the right path or simply feedback that we need to keep sailing ahead regardless of a storm here and there?

With Courage we can find the answers to the above questions. We can steer the ship knowing we are headed in the right direction even if we have some turbulence from time to time and course corrections when the unexpected pops up.  The world around us is constantly changing, as are we, so it makes sense that the unexpected will almost certainly make an appearance and what was true six months ago may no longer be so.

Courage allows us to strip away our fears and move in a direction (the very act of movement actually opens up additional possibilities that may have remained closed had we chosen to remain stuck).  So what you can’t see may become visible once you gain the courage to make a decision.  That decision doesn’t have to be etched in stone and it doesn’t have to be your final decision because the beauty of free will means, at all times, you have the freedom to change your mind!

Imagine drawing upon courage to just take a step forward…any step, any direction!  Knowing deep down it will all work out and the fear that has prevented you from making a choice was just a Fantasy Experienced As Real. As soon as you have movement, the fear releases its hold and voila, you have freedom again as well as more energy that was trapped inside the fear.  Freedom to make better choices as more opportunities present themselves until you can hardly remember why you were afraid to move forward to begin with.

Today I encourage you to find your courage…. to stand out from a sea of sameness, to push past the limited boundaries you’ve established for yourself, to stand in your truth when everyone around you tells you you’re crazy and to do what it takes to feel the fear but keep moving forward anyway because getting to the other side requires you to walk through the tunnel to reach the light on the other side.

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