Your Truth

Truth may appear to be a highly subjective perspective, as the very nature of our perspective determines our truth! Our reality is at all times being created by our level of consciousness.  Said another way, your consciousness dictates your experience. Therefore, you only need to look at what you are creating, i.e. your circumstances to fully understand where you are in your consciousness. Is your consciousness focused on survival?  Do you commute an hour each way while driving to work every day just so you can pay the bills, have a roof over your head and food to eat, all the while despising how you trade hours for money?  Is there any fun or joy in your daily existence or simply the monotony of the same routine day in and day out? Do you see the thousands of other souls on the highway with you, who have also resigned to think about their fate as ‘just the way it’s supposed to be?’  Do you feel like you are creating what you truly desire or resigning yourself to victimhood like so many others in their daily suffering? Do you feel like you can’t venture out on your own because the forces at work bind you to the pack?  Do you constantly judge yourself by the standards of what everyone else is doing and continually focus on where you are falling short? If you answered yes to these questions, I hope you now stop to ask yourself “Why???”

Your life is truly yours to create!  It does not need to be about survival, unless you choose that for yourself.  It does not need to be about social consciousness, where everyone else’s reality influences what you do or don’t do, unless you choose that. It does not need to be about judgment of self or others, unless you so choose.  With every moment and every experience, you get to choose what perspective you are going to have which in turn dictates what your experience will be.  Do you want the experience of not enough, of sadness, resentment, jealousy, anger or separateness?  Or would you rather experience abundance, peace, love, joy and unity? Your beliefs form your thoughts which color your emotions which influence your actions which create your reality.  A good question to always ask your self is “what do I believe and where do those beliefs come from?” Given how important our beliefs and thoughts are, wouldn’t it be wise to live our life according to our own?

When it comes to your truth, regardless of where you are in your awareness or lack thereof…your sacred truth burns brightly inside of you.  It yearns for you to reach inward to connect with it to discover your awe inspiring potential and purpose.  It yearns for you to connect with an intelligence that holds the experience of all that has ever been. It yearns for you to create what you truly desire instead of the limitations of what you feel you deserve. Your internal truth is always there whispering to you through desires and emotion. Unfortunately most of us are so hard headed it would require a megaphone and a two by four to ever get our attention. It gets obscured by our ego and our limited view of ourselves and the world in which we live.  It gets obscured by other people’s truths that we take on as our own until we have no clue what our truth is.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we can awaken to the awareness that the golden key, all that we seek exists within every single one of us, then we have found true freedom.  The answers to how best to align our lives with what we all so desperately want: meaning, expression, abundance, connection…they are all within our grasp. But to be realized, our truth must be heard.  So today I ask you, are you listening to your sacred truth?

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