The Best Investment

The best investment you could ever make isn’t in the stock market or real estate.  It isn’t in that new car you’ve always wanted or the art collection from Santa Fe. The best investment is one that keeps returning higher and higher dividends in every aspect of life from your relationships and career to parenting and finances for the remainder of your life.  The best investment doesn’t rely on luck, the world economy or on what others are doing.  The best investment you could EVER make…is to invest in YOU.

People, in an effort to improve their lives will spend money on everything from looking good to ‘appearing successful’ (cars, houses, boats, trips etc) without making any real effort to change the way they look at the world around them.  There is nothing more powerful then controlling the content of your consciousness, which you absolutely have the power to do! This isn’t achieved by watching countless hours of mind numbing television (and yes I do understand the desire to escape from the hectic energy of the week by mentally teleporting yourself into someone else’s life via an on screen performance) or zoning out to You Tube video’s or computer games.  Those are all lovely distractions that take you away from your present reality but they don’t change any of the circumstances of your life when you return to the awareness of now and they don’t alter your ability to make better choices moving forward. It’s still you, stuck, dealing with the same circumstances that your past choices have so eloquently stacked  one on top of the other, to create the outward reality which is simply a reflection of your inner world.

We all want to have our dream life but seem lost when it comes to the how (except for rubbing the genie bottle and asking for our three wishes). The bottom line is if you don’t have what you need or want, some fear and/or belief is holding you back. And that fear and/or belief resides within YOU. The only way to move through it is by investing in yourself to figure out why you have the limiting belief and what you can actively do to work through it.  The fears don’t go away unless you take action.  Indecision and postponement fertilize fear.  Doing nothing, well I’ll let you ponder on the effectiveness of that for a moment.  (Let me know what you come up with.)

Using the excuse that you don’t know where to start or how to begin isn’t valid.  In today’s world, content is everywhere! If you are struggling, you have NO good excuse for staying there. On top of that, there are coaches who specialize in life to help you navigate a tricky transition, decide on a path forward or go deep to help you overcome your fear. How cool is that?!  Wisdom and insight for all the nuances we weren’t taught in school or from our parents on this game called life.  Most of us just jumped right in, thinking we’d figure it out as we went along just like all of those who came before us.  Call me crazy but I’m not a huge fan of recreating the wheel so if someone can show me a shortcut that spares me the pain and agony of having to learn a lesson the hard way, I’m in! Please, share with me deeper wisdom about relationships, how to get in touch with my soul purpose, how to detach from all the suffering around me…

The expansion of awareness is invaluable!  It has an ability to percolate through all areas of your life, to improve what ‘shows up’ for you. We can create the consciousness that will attract abundance into our lives by investing our time and resources in a mindset that radiates abundance.  What you feed grows. If you feed checked-out-ness, then that is what you will get more of.  If you feed knowing more about who you are,  how you are energetically connected with the ALL, openness, expansion and living your purpose, then this will gain fertile ground with regular watering and care… you will live from a different vantage point of possibility, respect, self expression and joy.

Recognizing your value does require self love.  If you don’t see yourself as worthy of time and money, then definitely starting there would be a first priority. But please, be honest with yourself…who and what are you spending your precious resources on day in and day out.  Are you on that list? You are the only one who can change your life through the choices you make.  You are the one person who will be with you through thick and thin.  Honor yourself…invest in making this precious life the best one it can possibly be! Connect with others who can guide you on your path.  You don’t have to walk it alone.


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