The Effective Use of Spiritual Guidance


As we begin to explore the many layers that comprise our energetic makeup physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we can quickly become overwhelmed with how to process and sort it all.

We are magnificent beings with so much depth and potential!

Unfortunately, the majority of us haven’t been taught how to explore the rich layers of who we are, the layers which bring so much color into our lives. Often it is a life transition or challenge that nudges our head from the sand to see the depth of our true being.Upon awakening from Maya, the illusion of the World, we begin to take notice (with small glimpses at first) of our greatness. We begin to see that we are more than just our physical body, our thoughts and the accomplishments we’ve accumulated so far.  Without the cloak of superficiality obscuring our clarity, we are drawn to commune with the eternal essence of our Soul.

That sounds lovely doesn’t it? Ethereal, blissful and poetic.

Except most people don’t have a clue how to do that.  No judgement, we haven’t been taught how to explore our divine truth.

We’ve been taught to focus on what we think we’re good at, where we can win in competition and how we can spend our time in exchange for money (note: fulfillment and joy aren’t always included as prerequisites).

So with wonder and curiosity as our companions, we set out to learn more about who we are.  We read, we study, we canvas a lot of different modalities and we engage in a cycle of perpetual seeking. Granted, we do have a lot of ground to cover having spent most of our lives asleep!

We seek anything that may tell us the truth of who we are. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to use the information we collect to begin assembling the pieces of the puzzle.  The puzzle that could ultimately showcase our individuation and uniqueness through our authentic truth and soul level gifts.

We’ve become so disempowered over the course of innumerable lifetimes playing the role of Sleeping Beauty that we’ve allowed the brainwashing of our awareness to include an external authority that holds THE KEY to all of our answers.

And this is where we get ourselves into trouble.

We continue to perpetuate the same patterns that are embedded in organized religion in our questing for personal and spiritual truth because we still don’t want to take ownership and responsibility for standing in our power.

We want to be told our truth.  We want to be told what to do.  We want someone else to heal us, fix us, and tell us our next steps.

Thousands of years have passed and our consciousness has not evolved that much.  We still want a Savior!

And so we seek out counsel and spiritual guidance from therapists, practitioners and intuitives to be told how to fix our lives.

But no matter how much we want someone else to be able to give us the answer, the only person who knows our truth is us.

Over time we’ve confused guidance with being told what to do.  Guidance is not someone giving you the “answers”.

Your guides are not going to tell you what to do. Your angels are not going to tell you what to do.  The Akashic Records are not going to tell you want to do.  Nothing can override your free will! You are responsible for your life and you can’t pass that responsibility on to someone else.

The effective use of spiritual guidance is to gain additional insight and wisdom into the powerful being that YOU ARE so you can make better decisions about the direction of your life!

We have to stop wanting everyone to do it for us.  If we are Divine beings, we can do it for ourselves! This means stepping out of victim mode and getting on with it already.

As a practitioner, I can’t “clear” your relationship problems while you continue to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. I can’t “clear” your money problems while you continue to eat Bon Bon’s on the couch while NOT working on your business or continue to go to a job you hate day in and day out. I can’t “clear” your health issues when you still don’t practice self-love and aren’t willing to be a part of your own healing process because you gain something from being sick.

Soul level clearings can’t override the negative choices you continue to make in the physical. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.  There is no fairy dust that can transmute this universal truth!

The Records and every other spiritual tool are not magic fixes that do the work for you so you don’t have to be a part of your own process.  It’s YOUR life!  The healing should occur through you and because of you.

My work in the Akashic Records connects you with your Greatness because you have forgotten your Soul level gifts. The clearings make it easier to uphold your Divine truth while you make the changes necessary to create the life you want.

We ARE magnificent beings with so much depth and potential.  We have the ability to create whatever we want for ourselves.  The key is believing this and demonstrating it through aligned action.

Please receive this transmission with love.  On occasion, we need stern reminders to jolt us out of the illusion of mediocrity.

Guidance can assist you with getting there but it can’t do it for you. The truth is you don’t need it to.  You can do it for yourself.

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”  – Chinese Proverb

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