Be Bold…Fly Free!


I find it ironic that our Souls crave freedom (freedom of movement, freedom of thought, etc.) yet we’ve constructed our lives to be anything but free.  We’ve created confinement on so many levels from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual. The result is a caging effect through our own doing.  Once confined, we spend our precious moments trying to figure out how to get out of the cage.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Our society is set up for us to make a trade…freedom for stability.  With the majority of people living from fear, they happily choose stability to satisfy their ego’s agenda versus following the desires of their soul. We often don’t realize the mistake we’ve made until we find ourselves chronically discontent, living a life that superficially masquerades as stable but offers very little in the way of passion, joy or fulfillment.

Let’s look at the many ways we entrap ourselves along the way.


No longer seen as a luxury but rather a must have if we want to compete in a world that is very different from our Grandparents’ generation.  We are encouraged to get an education not because we seek alignment with our purpose and passions but rather to meet the minimum requirements to even be in the game.

We choose a major and specialization before we have any real understanding of what it means to work in that field.  We often pursue an education similar to our parents or we’ve been influenced in some way by their thoughts on how we should do it (because they want to live vicariously through us or correct missed opportunities from the choices they’ve made).  Regardless, we can end up feeling caged.

Marriage / Family

We meet ‘The One’ and envision happily ever after. We romanticize the notion of forever and what it means to be a parent. We see marriage as a destination (ahh…we’ve arrived), an item to be checked off the list instead of the beginning of a long journey merging two distinct personalities together through life’s ups and downs.

Fast forward 5 to 7 years after the new and shiny has worn off and we’ve either grown together as a couple and are even stronger or we’ve let the weeds grow wild from lack of care only to discover that we don’t really know the person with whom we share a home.   Again we crave freedom but find ourselves caged, not sure how to untangle the webs and live from an authentic place of empowerment and truth.


We discover a deeper level of knowing after we’ve spent a lot of money on our education and have actually had an opportunity to gain experience from doing it. Unfortunately for many, the field we’ve chosen isn’t what we imagined or we later discover the shadow sides of being a doctor, lawyer, therapist or business owner only to begin the process of figuring out  ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ All. Over. Again.


We set up our lifestyle based on our income without thinking through future fluctuations.  We spend to the level that we make.  Big purchases like homes are often marketed to us for a commitment of 30 years so we can even afford to buy it. We forget for an amnesic moment that life is nothing but continual change and we base our next 20 years on what now looks like and we forge ahead with student loans, mortgages and credit card balances in tow.  Caged by consumerism, we have once again bought into a system that serves to keep us dis-empowered and stuck in debt.

So why have I shared the preceding 630 words with you?

Because this is a 9 year (2+0+1+6) and whether we like it, accept it, honor it or have any awareness around it, we are energetically effected by the cycles of influences greater than us.  9 is about releasing what no longer works, tying up loose ends, purging the physical, mental and emotional clutter we have hoarded from the previous 8 years.  9 is a restructuring of what is so we can let go of what isn’t working for us.  And for many…that can create a lot of chaos!

As we move through this energy, combined with the energy of the Eclipse on March 8th and 9th, I encourage you to really sit with the ways you have caged yourself.

Where do you feel the yearnings for expansion and freedom?  What walls have you constructed that need to be knocked down? How can you work with the current energies to do a detox of the clutter?

The desire for freedom won’t go away, it’s a natural part of who you are. There is always a way to take a step closer to living in alignment with Your Sacred Truth.  The current energies are offering you lots of opportunity and support. Now is your time.

Be Bold…Fly Free!

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