Why we need Transition in our lives

No matter what chapter you are currently creating in your life, inevitably, you will come upon a period of Transition.

I took April off from sending my monthly newsletter because I am currently winding down the ‘in town Atlanta’ period of my life to begin a new phase, a phase that is more connected to peace, stillness and Mother Nature.  This period of time has required a pull back from my business to focus on selling a home and coordinating a move to the north Georgia Mountains.

Transitions are a natural part of the process as we grow and evolve. They are typically associated with high levels of stress because we find ourselves leaving behind a situation or period of time where we were comfortable and settled (having perfected our routine) only to be thrust into a new environment or way of being that feels completely foreign to us.

Transition is the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is literally the space between!

We are leaving one vibrational state and way of being and entering into a new one.  The dissonance and awkwardness arises because we are releasing the old yet we’re not fully anchored into the new.  It can feel like riding our bike without the training wheels for the first time. It’s wobbly!

Perhaps we’ve recently graduated or have gone back to school, gotten married or divorced, started a new job or left one behind, had a baby or decided to move.  Transitions require us to have faith that whatever we are stepping into will soon become tried and true.  Of course we have hesitancy about taking a step forward onto a ledge we haven’t fully tested before.

For me, part of the excitement is NOT KNOWING.  I’m one of those weird people who like change because it requires me to use my Spidey senses to navigate unknown territory.  I like being challenged (whenever I say that the universe laughs and delivers it to me so maybe I will whisper it this time instead of declaring it so boldly.) 🙂

As human beings, we gravitate towards what we know. We want safety and security.  For many, that means not honoring the natural rhythms and cycles of life that want to be honored through newness, change and course corrections.

A lot of people cling so tightly to what they have, they never let go to explore what could be. There is a reason we are drawn to people who quit their day jobs to travel the world and people who live outside the realm of convention. They embody the Courage we wish we had.  Meanwhile, we watch them from our vantage point (stuck and scared, clutching familiarity) while they move through life unencumbered by the space between. They even find reverence in it!

Transition is allowing yourself to take a breath…of fresh air. Not the recycled carbon dioxide that’s you’ve been running through your lungs in sameness for the past 10 years.  Fresh. Air.  It offers you a different perspective because you are stepping out to see life through an expanded point of view.

We can’t access new thought when we stay entrenched in our limitation.  As Einstein says “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Transition is vital to our accessing higher levels of thought. Movement is what unlocks the opportunities to begin showing up for us.  It is an energetic broadcast that you are willing to expand, change things up and engage with life.

‘No new action‘ will always get you ‘no new results‘.  A lot of people want their lives to change, magically, for them but they don’t want to take the necessary steps.  THE STEPS ARE A PART OF THE PROCESS AND THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL GET FROM POINT A TO POINT B.  There is no way to do an override on the requirements for growth. Think of the experience and fun you would miss out on if there were!

It’s time to honor transition for the gifts it brings us instead of labeling it as a period of drudgery.

What area of your life is desperately crying out to you for change? Why are you resisting that call?  What opportunities are you missing out on because of your fear? 

Let’s embrace our inner trail blazer and explore the space between!

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