Spiritual Passivity

Often my inspiration for my blog is to take the patterns I see in clients again and again that unknowingly limit them from being able to create a life of fulfillment and write about it.

An unfortunate side effect of the current spiritual movement and carry over from organized religion is the temptation to leave everything up to the Universe/God/Source.  To let ‘Jesus take the Wheel’.  That may make for a creative song lyric but it’s a very passive way to approach life and often ends in dis-empowerment and escapism.

When I ask clients about their Vision for their life or business or how they plan to handle a situation, I am often told “I will leave it up to the Universe.” To which I take a deep breath to keep me from shaking the person while yelling…NO, NO, NO! 

As it says in the famous passage James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Meaning, faith without action will get you nowhere.

We are Source/the Universe/Divine Intelligence in physical form with the gift of free will. We are here to make choices to create our life circumstances so that we can better master our physical reality while leaning into our Divine Self Expression, which is unique to each Soul.

To say, “Universe make this decision for me” is counter to our reason for being here. It’s sitting on the sidelines as a passive observer while abdicating responsibility to something ‘outside’ of ourselves because we can’t make up our mind and own a choice!

Not owning the choice means you don’t want to deal with the consequences.  It’ expecting the Universe to do it for you so you don’t have to do it for yourself. AND when it doesn’t work out the way you secretly hoped, you will have someone else to blame.  “Well it wasn’t my fault…I left it up to the Universe and this is how it turned out.”

In truth, the Universe is busy supporting those who are powerfully creating their realities through intention, aligned action, commitment and follow through.


Our Soul speaks to us through the impulse of desire. I desire to be physically fit. I desire to grow my business. I desire to have better relationships. I desire to have a spiritual practice. I desire to eat organic foods.  I desire to have more money to travel. 

Leaning into the desire helps form an intention. I intend to work out because I desire to be physical fit.  The intention then holds space for an energetic urge to rise within you to create aligned action.  I plan to do a 60 minute workout today with my intention of being physically fit.

This requires commitment and follow through or you won’t make it very far with your intention and the desire will be replaced in a nanosecond with new desires.

You are in charge of this entire process!  Not the Universe. God is not a micromanager with nothing better to do then to navigate the sea of wisp’s floating in the wind without purpose or direction.  You were given free will to do this for yourself. Otherwise, we’d all be programmed robots with a pre-set destiny showing up only to play out the monotony of the script. Does that sound like a fun and creative existence to you?

When telling yourself “I don’t know what I want”, that’s your cue to figure it out.  Invest the time and money to learn more about yourself. What drives you? What are you passionate about?  What do you want to create? What gets you fired up?  What can you no longer tolerate in yourself or the world?

We have an unlimited amount of systems and modalities available to us which were designed specifically for us to learn more about our soul’s personality and our journey in this life.  But only we can do this for ourselves!

Let’s stop with the spiritual passivity and begin the inner work to figure out what we want to do with our time on this planet. Creating a vision with practical actions steps and built in accountability will go a long way in getting us on the right path.

Your life is yours…own it!  It’s a sacred gift, not something to be taken with apathy. 

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