This, too

I want to explore a mantra that can be used for shifting one’s perspective into a place of acceptance versus the energy of resistance that often shows up for us when something unpleasant happens.

If you do a google search for ‘this, too’ what comes up is the adage “this too shall pass.”

Unfortunately, this is how most of us have been conditioned to deal with the inevitable down’s that accompany our time on this planet, with the wish that it will pass.  When something shows up that we judge as ‘bad’ or we feel shouldn’t be happening, we immediately want it to be over. And we want it over, now!

We have become super sensitive to discomfort of any kind.

Of course resistance only creates more of what we are resisting because life is meant to flow. But that doesn’t stop us from trying to grab every limb, branch and vine we can clutch onto when the once gentle stream gathers momentum for a more accelerated ride (think Class 4 rapids).

Fear takes over and depending on our innate response of fight vs flight, we ready ourselves for battle or hunker down in our bunker.

When my husband shared with me before leaving for work that he just found my fur baby, Devin, choking on an alert pendant (previously worn by Joel’s elderly mother) that Devin, of course thought to swallow until Joel pulled it out of his throat, I repeated to myself ‘this, too.’

When I was exposed to a news broadcast while at the gym that discussed the wide heroin and opioid epidemic sweeping our country because doctors overprescribe pain medications such as OxyContin, I took a deep breath and said ‘this, too.’

Traffic on the interstate heading to an appointment, tripping down the stairs with a cup of coffee in our hand, job layoffs, disputes with ex-spouses, financial difficulties, political unrest, back pain out of nowhere that lingers for days…these, too are a part of being alive.

Our hyper focus on getting through the problem often results in us completely missing the message that is inherent in every challenge that we encounter.

When I checked in with Devin to ask him why he ate the pendant (yes we can communicate with animals and all of the natural world) he said “To get you both to slow down and be present.  You move from one activity to the next without being present on what it is you are doing.  It’s a bad habit and it keeps you from experiencing yourself in the now. When Joel encounters a challenge or something that he needs to fix (my choking on the pendant) it forces his consciousness into present time. Stress in the house will be felt by all of us (meaning the other kitties as well) and will result in more behaviors that get your attention.” Well snap. How’s that for clarity?

When I asked my Guides for insight on the drug epidemic, the message was: “With our focus on quick fixes and immediate release from pain, we have swung too far out of balance. We are overly reliant on pharmaceuticals and our society has yet to honor very effective holistic therapies such as Acupuncture and Meditation. These are highly effective in reducing pain and can help patients learn how to manage their pain without the dependency on opioids.”

Every day we have countless waves of experiences coming our way. Some we like because they make us feel good and others, we could live without.  The truth is they are ALL a part of the journey.  Life is whole!  We can’t just experience the good half while leaving behind the “bad”.  Life is the sum total of everything. 

Some days are going to bring clouds, rain and bad weather.  The very next day the sun comes out.

This, too is an acknowledgement that no matter what is happening, it’s a perfect expression of life demonstrating life.  Reality will show us where we have become out of balance or allowed our Shadow side and unconscious to lead the way.  If we continue to overlook the messages because it’s easier to stick our head in the sand, we forgo making the needed course corrections and we will continue to experience the consequences.

“This, too” shall not pass, for the statement’s power lies in receiving it as a gentle nod to the universe in recognition of what is being presented. It is through acceptance and being present that we can begin to understand the symbology or message being shown to us, even in the toughest of times.

Isn’t that the point of consciousness?  To become more aware of what is happening right in front of our faces every day?

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