Advocating for Your Soul’s Expression

Before going to business school, I thought about going into law because it had elements that were very alluring to me.  Then I worked at a law office for several years and quickly determined that the environment wasn’t the most aligned for my nature and energetic makeup.

What I was tapping into, although I didn’t know it at the time, was the archetypal ally of Advocate that I have in the third house of ‘Siblings and Self Expression’ in my Astrological Chart.

Our chart provides a cool way to tap into insights that can help us gain clarity about our current life situations.

Our Soul takes on agreements before each life time which serve as guide posts for work we’d like to do or ways we’d like to express higher aspects of our nature while in the physical.

The third house rules how we present what we are and what we hold dear to the world.  The symbolic link to siblings with communication represents the natural process of specialization, of discovering our voice among our fellow ‘children’ (siblings meaning biological family members AND those who aid our growth).

This house contains the lessons inherent in learning about the causes and effects of our choices and how we wield our power.  Every thought, word and action is an expression of our power.  Only two motivations stir the psyche:  the empowerment or dis-empowerment of our self and others.

Part of my Soul’s evolution is to find my voice and be an advocate for the lives of those I come into contact with: clients, family, friends, acquaintances and fellow travelers on this journey.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing someone in the highest light and holding a space for them to step into greater and greater aspects of who they truly are.

We often lose sight of our highest expression. Of course at Soul level, it is always present. We discussed our vision and aspirations for this life with our master teachers and guides before our incarnation but coming into the physical brings with it a temporary amnesia. This combined with the human design of the ego often results in a lot of fear, doubt and confusion.  Add in the fact that everyone around us is experiencing the same process and it’s easy to see why few are able to step out of the illusion!

And when YOU do, they often think you’re crazy. As Friedrich Nietzsche said so eloquently:

“And Those Who Were Seen Dancing Were Thought to be Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music.”

I recently bought a plaque of this quote for my office.  It’s a reminder for me, when I feel like dancing in life, to not hold back regardless of what others are saying or doing.

This is the journey…remembrance of our truth amidst the collective consciousness of fear, limitation and dis-empowerment.  It’s a journey that requires a ton of GRIT, perseverance and courage in the face of opposition.

I certainly never expected to be working in the Akashic Records. I didn’t know what they were and had no knowledge such a thing existed. But thankfully, my Guides and higher self were effective in their behind the scenes work which led me to connect with this more aligned path.

For many who feel called to be of service to humanity, stepping into the work of the Spirit as a career will elicit push back, skepticism and negativity from friends, family and strangers who have their limited perspectives on the nature of the cosmos and anything etheric.

Not everyone can hear the call but why discount the fact that you can simply because another person doesn’t understand it?

To effectively advocate for our Soul’s expression requires trust, determination, patience and faith. We have to trust that we aren’t going crazy in a world where up feels like down and down feels like up, where the line between sanity and insanity is not very clear and doubt is injected into our thoughts on a continual basis.

And even if we are a bit crazy, so what? That’s the stuff of Innovators and Pioneer’s!  The Nikola Tesla’s and Steve Jobs of the world who have changed our lives by embracing what hasn’t been done before and pushing the boundaries of thought and form beyond our myopic vision of what is possible.

SO DANCE. EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. Take up space and loudly proclaim your gifts, genius and Soul’s expression.  As for me, I’ll be doing the same while expressing gratitude for sharing this journey with you.  <3

2 thoughts on “Advocating for Your Soul’s Expression”

  1. Hi there Rebecca, this is a really interesting blog, thankyou. I just wondered, where do you find the evidence for this worldview which I’m assuming is based on reincarnation. It’s not one I share but respectfully, I would like to learn more about it. Kind regards,

    1. Simon,

      My world view comes from working in the The Akashic Records or Book of Life and can be found in Folklore, and throughout the old and new testaments. It is traceable back to the Simitic people: Arabs, The Syrians, the Hebrews, the Babyalonians,

      Among each of these groups was the belief that there is in existence some kind of celestial tablets that contain the history of humankind and all manner of spiritual information.

      “Evidence” can be found in many places. A book by the Physicist Ervin Laszlo called “Birth of the Akasha Paradigm” New thinking for a New World and in the research done by Dr. Michael Newton, based on thousands of case studies, for the books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.

      One can find evidence everywhere – however most people don’t have an open mind – and we live in a world where we see what we believe – not believe what we see.

      You can also learn more at the following phenomenal series called Inner World/Outer Worlds. Ancient civilizations have been working with the Akasha for thousands of years.

      Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – The Akasha

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

      Part 4

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