The Shortsighted Nature of ‘One and Done’

I love looking at the limiting beliefs and pervasive patterns that have a strong hold in our collective thought process so I can unravel the grip it has on us.

I was waiting recently in the service lobby of my car dealership and heard an ad for a Preacher peddling his holy tonic water as the end all cure for any health problem.  “Call now for your free 6 ounce bottle.” The ad was accompanied by testimonials from church patrons who had miraculously healed chronic disease just from drinking the blessed Kool-Aid (I mean, water.)

Despite every demonstration to the contrary (and there are a lot), we still want to believe that there is a one and done fix for whatever it is that ails us. 

I could write a 10 book series on how we have arrived here and how we continue to perpetuate our short sighted perspective but I’ll spare you from one of my soap box rants.  If I distilled my book series down, it would have a summation like this: We are swimming in collective attitudes of massive dis-empowerment and victim hood upheld and reinforced by our social institutions to include religious, political, educational and corporate entities. 

Why is this upheld in our world? Because if we were massively independent and empowered, we’d be less likely to use consumerism as our favorite pacifier and we’d be less likely to give our power to all the individuals and groups who believe they know better than us.

How many times have we been told that we are all waiting for a Savior and it is only through him that we can be saved?  That actually wasn’t his message but the rulers wanted to spread their version of truth in his name and voila, a dominant religion was born.  Yet people are still suffering, still enduring cosmic shit storms and still too dis-empowered to get themselves out of it.

So we wait…for someone to save us. 

While we wait the world falls deeper and deeper into disrepair.  All the while, Earth’s fellow citizens feel too weak, checked out and powerless to do anything about it except to continue to have faith that someone will come and rescue them.  (Reminds me of a Superman movie.)

I’m not saying this collective attitude doesn’t show up in Spirituality and Personal Development.

It does…which is why I’m writing this.

So often clients come to me, hanging everything on the hopes that an Akashic Record Reading or clearing (or the promise from any modality) will magically fix their lives without them having TO DO anything different.  Of course, that NEVER happens.  It would be an override of Universal law and free will.

We know logically that we can’t walk into a public library and say to the books…”Tell me what to do! Fix me!”  That would be insane.  But when magical thinking is on board, we want to say that to the Akashic Records.  “Here is my power, make the decisions for me because I don’t want to be responsible for my own life anymore.”

The Akashic Records are a library. Used appropriately they give us tremendous amounts of insight, clarity and direction for our journey in life.

They assist us to make different choices for ourselves and can empower us by connecting us in with the truth of who we are at Soul level.

They shed light on why we’ve developed the blocks and restrictions that currently bind us.  But we still have to do the work and make the choices to shift the limiting patterns by doing something DIFFERENT.

Leaving the job that sucks our Soul. Leaving the toxic relationship. Stepping out of dysfunctional family situations or relationships that are power leaks.

And whether it was Henry Ford or Anthony Robbins, the point is clear “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” 

Your current situation and circumstances, whether you like it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not, are a result of the quality of the choices you make every day.

In truth, we are the only one who can heal our self!  There are many healing frameworks to assist us but they are merely tools in our own process.

In a way, Life is like a Game of Monopoly.

We each have our own game piece and need to roll the dice to move our piece around the board.  WE MOVE THE PIECE.  NO ONE MOVES IT FOR US.

We can land on Park Place and want to build a home there that lasts forever so we never ever ever have to move off of that spot again, but that’s not how the game is played.

We have to roll again and again and again.

We have to continually make choices about what to do, what to invest in, and how to use our power and resources.

We encounter setbacks and wins.  Neither define us unless we allow them to.  We can land on free parking and take home some cash or we can land in Jail.

We can choose to keep moving and build momentum or we can sulk in the unfairness of it all.

There is no one and done cure for this journey we are on. If we want improvements in any area of our life, we have to work for it! 

Readings assist us.  Clearing work assists us.  Everything we do becomes a part of our journey.  It all contributes to the layers of us knowing ourselves more deeply. But when used as a quick fix, these are band aid approaches to resolving issues that truly require a deeper commitment.

The Akashic Records are a storehouse for everything.  A 90 minute reading IS A START. It can’t connect someone to all the relevant information contained within their Record and how to integrate it. But a lot of people try to use it that way.

The healthy habits for creating change are born out of repetition and consistent practice, whether that comes internally or through coaching. 

One and done is short sighted for any area of our life we are trying to transform.  We are in Process because we are a Process, and this Process requires time and commitment.  With sustained effort our success in achieving our greatest potential is assured.  Without it, we may remain in a sea of mediocrity and struggle.

As with all things in life, we get out of it what we put in.

Are you satisfied with what you are putting in?

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