A Year in Review

Just as quickly as the year began, we find ourselves heading into the final 2 weeks of 2017.  To say it’s been an eventful year would be an understatement.  We’ve collectively experienced political upheaval throughout the world, environmental disasters from earthquakes to hurricanes and wildfires, religious fanaticism, terrorist attacks both foreign and domestic as well as racial and gender violence.

We’ve marched in demonstration around the world voicing our freedom of expression. We’ve become more aware of the environmental emergencies that threaten our survival if we continue to look the other way.  We’ve come together in our communities to assist those who have lost everything this year as they rebuild their lives.  And we’ve begun to bring light to the issues lurking in the darkness around sexual abuse from those who manipulate others through their positions of power.

2017 in Review has been a year of challenge.

It has been a year to reflect on who we are, what we stand for and who we want to be.



Despite our yearning for simple easy lives, the most growth comes from the years that test us and show us how resilient we truly are. The growth also comes from bringing light and awareness to the shadows inside each and every one of us who share in this collective human experience.

To quote Thomas Merton By healing the divisions in [ourselves we] would help the divisions of the whole world.”

2017 represented a 1 Universal Year in Numerology and symbolized the beginning of a new chapter.

The energy of 1 is about independence, initiation and individual creativity. It was a year of planting seeds for the next 9 year cycle and forced us to take action, make our voices heard and to shift the violence we encounter with peace, love and compassion. It encouraged us to step outside of the box and to be innovative and resourceful for coming up with solutions to the problems we’ve encountered individually and collectively.

I believe we can excavate learning’s from a year in review before we plunge into the energy of the New Year, which will have its own rich landscape filled with experience and insight.

For me, these were my top insights from this year of initiation.

Top Learning’s from 2017


1. We are individually living what the Collective is living. What I do TO you, I do TO me. What I do FOR you, I do FOR me.

We are all in this experience together. We are each a part of the Ecosystem of LIFE, forming a network of interconnecting and interacting parts. Every life form has a role and purpose.  That includes every human being (regardless of their religion, creed or gender), every animal, plant, fungi, prokaryote and protoctista. Disturbing the balance of the system can be disastrous for all of us because the nature of the system is inter-connectedness.

2. Life’s stage can be used to display what we don’t want for our world, as much as for what we do.

The up side of contrast is that we can see from the demonstration of others, ways of being that are NOT in alignment with our own value systems and how we’d like to live. As humans we can learn from our mistakes and shift our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions into alignment with a future that is more cooperative, inclusive, compassionate and sustainable. What world do we want to leave for our children and grandchildren? Let us make choices from that vision.

3. The small wins that come from Force will eventually be overridden from proper use of Power.

While it may appear that Force wins the day, it is a lower vibrational energy based on fear and competition. It requires justification and does not communicate consciousness. Power on the other hand works alongside consciousness and responsibility. If governments and terrorist groups understood true power, they wouldn’t choose attacks and dominating others through loss of life.

“You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.” – Publilius Syrus

4. The process of spiritual evolution involves the dismantling of old structures and systems prior to our creating a foundation to house new paradigms that are inclusive of all of HUMANITY.

Before we can bring in new systems that support our upgraded beliefs, values and ways of being, we must allow the outdated Patriarchal structures to crumble around us. Watching the antiquated fall apart can feel unsettling in the short term, but our Souls crave a spiritual REVOLUTION which benefits us all, not the 1%. We are ONE HUMANITY, period.

5. Truth seeks to be known.

We can engage in denial, suppression and sweep things under the rug for a period of time but life consistently works to ‘make known the unknown’. This is a Universal truism that works behind the scenes to move everything forward. The skeletons come out, our shadows get exposed and we are strongly encouraged to step out of situations that are not right with our Soul. We can ignore it for a while, but ultimately, truth seeks exposure.

This year of challenge has strengthened our resolve and invigorated us to make a difference in the world by speaking up and sharing our voice.  We can make a difference with the issues that we face by acknowledging them and being a part of the solution versus the problem.  Let’s make 2018 a year of impact as we speak up for those who can’t and contribute in ways, large and small that benefit all of Humanity and the precious planet that we collectively live on.  

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

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