Safety, Security and Silencing the Doubts

We have almost completed a full month into the new decade and I’m already exhausted.

Earthquakes, celebrity deaths, threats of a viral pandemic, and nonstop coverage of ‘politics gone wild’ have me wishing I could shape shift into a bear and hibernate for the rest of winter.

But alas, I know I have to be responsible and get on with it, already. Because life requires movement to stay in flow and even though a part of me wants to sleep away the season, my wiser self knows better.

You see, there is a constant tension inside each of us, operating below our normal levels of awareness.  This tension is the stark duality between our human nature and our divine nature.

Our human nature desperately craves safety, security and some semblance of control. We want to know that the planet isn’t going to spin completely off its orbit.  We value a life that is predictable and gives us the comfort of our smart homes and 1000 thread count sheets. And in our pursuit of peace and calm, we’ve also created the unintended consequences of dullness, stuck-ness and physical/mental/spiritual atrophy.  (Cameras pan out to a scene from the Walking Dead).

Creating the tension from the other side of the rope is our divine nature which seeks growth, challenge, creativity, expansion, imagination, spontaneity and expression.

Yes, I said challenge….those experiences that make you dig deep. The ones that wake you up, sometimes forcefully, to all the things you were trying to numb out, such as the sad state of your life, business, job or relationship. Your Soul knows staying in the situation you’ve created (consciously or unconsciously) is NOT what’s best for you moving forward. The life force energy that flows through you is meant to flow!  Marinating in the toxicity of the things that have atrophied in your life can create real disease.

Growth requires change and change means loss of control. Our human nature will do everything in our power to avoid feeling a loss of control. So we choose safety and security…sometimes for decades.

The tiny box we’ve placed ourselves in…it doesn’t fit, but we don’t care because it might be tight but it sure is cozy!

Until it’s not…

Enter 2020.

This year is calling us to step up, to stop wasting our potential and selling ourselves short. 

The more we stay cramped in a life that is too small for us, the more internal tension we will feel.

How does our Soul get us to make better (“more aligned”) decisions? By creating discomfort, pain, break downs and even health issues to get our attention that whatever we are doing, isn’t working. The discomfort will gnaw at us until we do something about it.

Again – it takes a lot to get your human self to make change!  Your ego has perfected the art of keeping you relatively safe for however many years you’ve been alive.

However, we are stepping into a new paradigm. One that requires for us to do things differently.

It is obvious (unless we have been hibernating in a cave) for us to see that whatever we are doing collectively isn’t working.

And what is our collective made up of?  Billions of individuals all clutching tightly to tiny boxes that they’ve outgrown.

The editor of 11/11 magazine sums it up beautifully!

“The energies of this year encompass a ‘4’ in numerology. The 4 Year Cycle is one of vision, management, priority, limitation, determination, effort, and breakthrough. Identity – who you are and what you believe – is the principal theme. It is not only a period of breakthrough but a time where you move beyond all obstacles.

This requires sincere devotion in stepping beyond past identities toward a new one being creating. Only a ‘new you’ can create a new world. This means deep presence to what you say, how you think, and the ways in which you act in the world.  You are not only here to take personal responsibility of your ego, but also for your soul. Discerning what brings ego and soul into alignment is how you respond in service to the world. You will also naturally serve yourself.

We are all in this together; co-creating and as One. When each soul takes responsibility for their conscious and unconscious mind, things change. When all souls create with presence to harmonizing soul and ego… ripples of love, empowerment and freedom will reign upon this world.” – Simran Singh

As a person who has committed themselves to a life of transformation, I’m forever bringing awareness to the parts of me that don’t want to change things up.

Luckily, my Divine nature tends to be in the driver’s seat most of the time but that can be super uncomfortable!

Just last weekend, I said yes to an intensive coaching program for the year. I was one of a few in the room who said yes.  The vision of the program spoke to my desire for challenge, creativity and expression.  The things that make me feel alive.

My ego has had a difficult week.  The doubts have come out in full force.  “What if I made the wrong decision? What if this doesn’t work for me? I don’t want to be super uncomfortable all year!” and on and on and on.

Thankfully, I know how to silence the doubts.  I see them for what they are.  Reminders from my human self that change is coming… I said yes to my potential. I said yes to bringing my best game. I said yes to the flow of life creating expression through me!

Will it require challenge and growth? Absolutely!  And I will know at the end of the year that I went for it.  Because for me, atrophy is just not an option.

While our ego has good intentions, it doesn’t have the same vantage point as our Soul.  Our Soul knows that making the changes will lead us to the next level of our development.  Each new level brings with it more possibility, abundance and expansion. The nectar of life!

Of course we have to say yes. We have to do the work. But when we do, amazing things can happen.

I wish you the confidence to step into your potential this year and to silence the doubts that hold you back.

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