Hope For Humanity: Understanding Where We Are

I have been silent since the last newsletter that I sent out in late January “Safety, Security and Silencing the Doubts.”

What I wrote then still very much applies. Our human nature is to go into fear when our safety and security feels threatened.  In it, I mentioned the upcoming Viral Pandemic.  Fast forward a few months and here we are smack dab in the middle of it.

Change is never easy and it’s especially difficult when it’s seemingly ‘thrust upon us’.

February was a month of processing for me. I could feel the impending global event and knew that life as we know it would change.  Being that I study the interconnected nature of things, I could see how virtually every system would be impacted.  When I tapped into the collective energy, I felt very heavy and I experienced a lot of grief for the loss of things to come.

Even now I find myself wanting to retreat inward. However, I feel more balanced and grounded.  My retreating feels more like an internal breathe and a subsequent exhale.  A time to center myself and connect with nature.  I would love nothing more than to sit and watch the birds…to be with the butterflies as they flit from flower to flower. To close my eyes and be with the wind as it dances through the trees.

In the midst of our collective pause however, life continues. My schedule hasn’t changed as I’ve always worked from home.  It has only now begun to slow a little.

Of course staying connected is important but I feel we are always connected.  I have communities I’m a part of and I continue to show up and engage because of the commitments I’ve made previously.

For those of us who are introverts, we welcome the quiet and solitude.  Extraverts have different needs and our current time, understandably, can be a challenge for them. Of course everyone responds differently but honoring the call for stillness is especially important right now.

Busy can serve as a distraction, creating additional noise to keep our minds preoccupied with something to do.  What if we just let ourselves be…with the quiet…with the uncertainty…with what is?

Personally, I feel humanity is currently undergoing an initiation. Much like a shamanic initiation or ‘dark night of the soul’ one moves through while awakening to a higher way of being. Initiations often occur through tragedy or trauma.  They can look like a shocking health diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, an accident or any number of unforeseen challenges that knock you off your core.

Initiations have been called by many names but the underlying pattern is the same.  It is a very powerful experience to purge blockages, distorted beliefs, disharmony and disease to create space for a more profound connection to the Divine.

It is meant to awaken life within you.

Human beings are more receptive to reflection about life and our interconnectedness with the cosmos when life feels more ‘finite.’

I’ve been asked by many what I see in the Akashic Records about our current situation.

I’m sharing communication I received from the Council of Elders.

“Greetings our beloved brothers and sisters.  We know you find yourself in very challenging times. You may vacillate between feeling hopeful for what lies ahead while also feeling great fear of the unknown and how it will impact humanity.  These waves of emotion are a part of the human experience.

For those of you paying attention, this event is not a complete surprise.  Humanity has lost its way. Over the centuries, a connection to the natural world has become less and less important.  Greed, arrogance, entitlement and a focus on individualism has replaced connection, community and compassion for how to treat Mother Earth.  

The world is going through a realignment.  You can’t continue living as you always have.  It’s not sustainable and jeopardizes the whole of life.  While sacrifices will have to be made now, all part of the cause and effect that have been put into motion, a new world will emerge on the other side. 

Humanity has been given many wake up calls. Most of these have gone unheeded.  The pursuit of money dominates the activity of most human beings.  Even when they aren’t actively pursuing money, they spend their time obsessing about how to do it.  The pursuit of wealth at the expense of all else has consequences.  Living out of alignment with the laws of nature has consequences.  Ignoring the warnings from the planet that shows signs of stress, has consequences. 

This experience is happening to wake up as many people as possible to powerful truths.  What are these truths?

We are all One.

What we do to One, we do to the Whole.

Acts of destruction are woven into the creative process.

It is time to wake up to the inherent power contained in every choice as it ripples out to the whole of life.

The planet is a living breathing being, just as you are.

There are Karmic consequences for living out of alignment with Universal laws.

(And they continue…)

Now more than ever it is important to be mindful of what you think, what you do, what you say and how you respond to what is happening on a global level. 

Fear has never solved any problem.  But love has solved many.

This is a time to return to your truth. 

What is your true nature?

How can you reconnect to the natural world and honor the blessings she gives you every single day?

How can you love your planet as you love yourself? 

How can you move beyond the hold money has on you?

Now is the time to see through the illusions…wake up, dear one, wake up.”


A pandemic can make us feel like a victim of nature.  However, it’s the other way around.  An incredible article that introduces a movement called One Health, the idea that human health is connected to health of our animals, our ecosystems and other societies can be found here.

“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Chief Joseph

As we move through this initiation, let us hold a higher vision for what we can become.  We have the power to direct the outcome of our future. 

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  1. Thanks Rebecca. Excellent message ! I am hopeful that the collective will head the message overall about the environment . Love it as we love ourselves. Powerful

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