The Challenge in Being YOU

The experience of life is a very tricky one.  We come into this world and often feel very uncomfortable being who we really are. We experience judgement and pressure for conformity right out of the gate. 

The majority of us don’t have remembrance of previous lives or the Soul level plan we developed prior to incarnating that is meant to help us develop new aspects of ourselves, to make smarter choices and to contribute something to the benefit of humanity. 

We just find ourselves in a family that we may not understand (41 years into it and I’m still trying!) and we begin the journey of developing our sense of self so that we can one day navigate the larger world.

After the ‘training and development’ phase from our family of origin, we are ushered off to college for phase two and begin a search for the most aligned livelihood and person to share our journey with.

I personally found these phases to be very uncomfortable.  Luckily life has a pass / fail grading system built into it. Unless you just completely give up, you pass!  However, even if we get a passing grade it is likely that we still judge ourselves more harshly than our actual level of performance and the process no doubt feels haphazard and awkward.

We may still be unpacking all the traumatic experiences those phases brought.  Certainly some people sustained actual physical trauma and for sensitive individuals, the emotional and spiritual impact were enough to throw us off our game.

The game being the game of life that we were desperately wanting to master without a manual, without any real sense of how it all worked aside from our underdeveloped sense of self and our immature intuitive insight.

When I reflect, I feel a sense of awe that we actually made it to where we are today without more significant issues given how the system is set up.

In our current reality, we experience who we are by observing and interacting with who we are not.  This matrix of duality allows us to know ourselves at a deeper level because we can’t experience anything but wholeness if we are surrounded by wholeness.  Wholeness sounds wonderful but how do you know your individuation without contrast? As Einstein discovered with his Theory of Relativity, every time you measure an object’s velocity, or its momentum, or how it experiences time, it’s always in relation to something else.

We also experience ourselves in relation to something else.  Mostly, the billions of other people who share the world with us.

Enter…’The Challenge’. 

Our societal structure is completely at odds with how we would function if we were living in a way that honored our true essence of Divinity and Oneness.

In an ideal world (i.e. the magical kingdom that exists in my head), we just show up as we are, understanding our uniqueness and differences and be celebrated for them.  Our parents, teachers, friends and partners would encourage us to step into our highest potential developing mastery around whatever it is that lights us up: writing, art, music, intuitive development, astrology, metaphysical studies, race car driving, acting or mountain climbing. The metric used for determining our level of success would be the degree that it lights us up and produces passion within us. 

However, in the “real world” (a term our elders use, whatever ‘real’ means) we are measured based on how well we can morph into the system as a member of the collective, think ‘family of sheep’. We are encouraged to be like everyone else, to wear masks, to hide our gifts and to NOT stand out lest we make others feel bad about their own sense of mediocrity.   And while we are encouraged to assimilate into the Borg (yes, I am a Star Trek fan) we are simultaneously taught to judge anyone who is different than us in the color of their skin, age, religion, sexual orientation, body habitus, belief systems, yearly salary, home size, hobbies and on and on.

Yes, it’s a huge surprise why we have so much separation on our planet and don’t come together as One Humanity.  Living in the real world can make it difficult to embrace any kind of difference because difference is seen as the enemy and the pervasive perspective is that we are better than another.

And yet, we didn’t come here to fit in – we came here to become and to live our spiritual identity.  Not to do something in the way of achieving a specific success or to accumulate piles of money. We came here to express our gifts, to expand the possibility of our life, our legacy and our world.

In the current system…there is challenge in being YOU.

However, if you look at the red crayon…he has a happy face. Why? Because he has it figured out!  Your true path in life is being exactly who you are.  Red in a world of black and white.

When we process our life review, the last thing we’ll be thinking is “I wish I could have been more like everyone else and tried harder to hide my true self. Then I would have lived a more fulfilling life.”

It takes courage to be real.

It takes courage to stand out when the world around you is begging for your conformity.

It takes courage to rebel against mass consciousness.

But nothing is more important than embodying YOUR truth.

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